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Why choose Medical Travel?

Why choose Medical Travel?

Why choose Medical Travel?

You may be wondering why you should choose Medical Travel when there are so many other agencies out there. Apart from prime location, affordability, high standards of care, and end-to-end assistance from your personal coordinator, consider this: we’re the very first of our kind in the Czech Republic.

That’s right. We are the original Czech medical tourism agency. This necessarily means we’ve been around the longest and have more experience than any other agency in the country—it’s simple maths.

Helping foreign patients is our speciality. Having attended to the needs of thousands of people coming to us from abroad, we are well acquainted with the unique requirements of the medical tourist and have based the very design of our services upon this understanding.

Indeed, our entire approach as an agency centres around you, the client. As such, in addition to connecting you with the best medical care our country has to offer, we treat you like a human being. From our very first interactions to the completion of your treatment and after, we endeavour to conduct ourselves in a civil and personable manner, with due regard to your concerns and feelings.

Even with the full range of services we offer, there are no price markups. It’s true that we are, by our very nature, middlemen, but we still make sure you pay the same amount as if you went through the clinic directly. Guaranteed. So you get all the advantages we afford you as a medical tourism agency without paying extra.

Lastly, because customer feedback is often the best measure of a company’s worth, we suggest you have a read through the numerous client testimonials we’ve received over the years. Hearing what others have to say may be more than enough to convince you we’re the agency for you.

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