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Medical Travel Czech - Corona Virus Restrictions

If I can come to the Czech Republic now, what can you do for me?

Our coordinators have up-to-date information regarding the requirements for medical tourists travelling to Prague. We strongly recommend that you undergo corona virus testing back home and provide your recent PCR test results for COVID-19 at the borders. If you can’t get tested back home we’ll be happy to assist you in having the test done here in Prague.

We’re also pleased to say that we can provide you with online consultations or Skype talks with our doctors, and can plan and book whichever procedure you want. So you can come straight to the clinic and be completely confident of having the procedure. 

We're all very much looking forward to welcoming you here in Prague.



Is the GYNEM IVF clinic still operating in the quarantine period?

Absolutely yes! Despite the situation with Coronavirus, we’re most definitely here for you. We’ll provide you with a medical questionnaire evaluation, recommend pre-treatment tests to be done, organise Skype calls with our fertility doctor and we can even choose your donor from our database and plan your treatment in detail. We can also book you in for a personal consultation and do pre-treatment tests here. You can start the stimulation process and come to Prague for your procedure.  The current crisis may be bad, but it does give us plenty of time to plan and be fully prepared. Just go here.

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If I’m interested in plastic surgery, or a gastric balloon, can I send you an inquiry or photos for evaluation, or even come to Prague for a treatment?

Of course! Please do so. We can offer a medical questionnaire and photo evaluation free of charge. You can even have a Skype call with your surgeon. We have plenty of dates available so please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to oblige. If your flight is cancelled or there are medical reasons why you can’t attend an appointment in Prague we can re-book you, completely free of charge. Please contact us here.

Plastic Surgery

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What are the precautions the Czech Republic is taking against Coronavirus?

At the moment, nose and mouth must be covered by a mask or other face-covering when outside the home, and particularly so on public transport. Also, a two-metre distance is recommended to be maintained between people on the street and other public places.


What are the statistics regarding Coronavirus in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic still has one of the lowest rates in comparison with other European countries. This is thanks to our government’s quick reaction to the crisis with strict containment measures and people’s socially responsible behaviour. The government measures are now being gradually, and very carefully, lifted and life is getting back to normal.


In conclusion, we think you probably have some time on your hands right now, so we’d like to suggest an idea —  make yourself a nice cup of tea, rustle up some of your favourite food and go to our website blog. You’ll find some very interesting articles there. 

From all of us here at Medical Travel and Gynem Clinic - keep calm, be safe, be healthy. Be ONLINE with us! You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Or both! We're really looking forward to hearing from you!


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