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Orthopaedic injuries are fairly common, especially in the world of sport and in older populations. In the past, many such injuries meant the sufferer would have to live with pain and impaired function for the remainder of his or her days. But, today, cutting-edge stem cell therapies may enable doctors to exploit the body’s natural mechanisms and bring about a level of healing once thought impossible. What makes stem cells so special? Well, there’s a lot to the science, but, in simplistic terms, it is their capacity to turn themselves into whatever types of cells they need to be to help repair the body where required. They’re nothing new in biological terms, but the ability to harness their power certainly is. Read on to learn more. 


3 900 EUR
/ 3 320 GBP
Visible, natural and excellent results
Visible, natural and excellent results
Dream team of experienced surgeons
Dream team of experienced surgeons
No waiting list – you can start your treatment today
No waiting list – start your treatment today
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Feel comfortable from day one – one assigned coordinator
Highest level of discretion – very short stay in Prague
Highest level of discretion – very short stay in Prague
Free airport pick up
Free airport pick up
Stem Cell Treatment - one large joint (Knee joint, hip joint, ankle joint, shoulder joint)
3 900 EUR
/ 3 320 GBP
Additional large joint
2 000 EUR
/ 1 700 GBP
Stem Cell Treatment - two medium joints (Elbow joint, wrist joint, thumb joint)
3 900 EUR
/ 3 320 GBP
Stem Cell Treatment - multiple small joints (Joints in one hand or foot)
3 900 EUR
/ 3 320 GBP

*Prices listed in euros (€) are fixed; those in pounds sterling (£) may vary according to exchange rate at time of procedure.

Price includes:

airport pick-up

fast and flexible assistance during your stay in the Czech Republic

pre-operative check-up

liposuction under local anaesthesia

injection of SVF cells to the affected area


Our price does not include

 transport from Prague to clinic in Brno and back with our coordinator / driver (200 EUR)

accommodation and flight ticket



painless, safe procedure with a high success rate

Treated more than 2 500 patients and 4 000 joints

SVF cell processing approved by the National Bureau

85% of patients have experienced an improvement of their condition

Orthopedics in medicine

Orthopedic surgery is a type of procedure that deals with conditions involving movement of the body. It includes disorders or injuries of the bones, muscles and associated joints. The most modern orthopedic surgeries performed by surgeons are Arthroscopy (minimally invasive surgery), Arthroplasty (joint replacement) and newly Stem Cell Treatment.

Stem cells are biological cells from which all specialized cells with different functions are generated. No other cells in the body have the ability to generate new cell types.

How stem cells work in orthopedics?

Stem cell treatment is a revolutionary medical innovation and is now being used to treat arthritis related problems. It uses the patient’s own stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells, one of the richest sources of stem cells. The SVF cells are located in connective tissue, contain mesenchymal stem cells and also other valuable cell types which can significantly help to minimize degenerative changes and rejuvenate damages tissues and cells. SVF cells are widely found in adipose and connective tissue, which can be easily collected by liposuction of your abdomen or buttocks using local anaesthesia. By administration of SVF cells to damaged target area, these cells demonstrate excellent healing effects. 

How does it work

Do you suffer from hip, knee, shoulder or ankle pain?

Use Stem Cell Treatment.


The stem cell procedure contains four steps and the whole treatment is done in one day. There is no age limitation and we accept patients for treatment within 1-2 weeks.


1st Step – Evaluation of medical questionnaire

Firstly, we need to know that you are a suitable candidate for Stem Cell Treatment. Get in touch with us and we will send you medical questionnaire to fill and recent (not older than 6 months) X-ray(s) or MRI. The evaluation of the medical questionnaire is free of charge and you will receive an opinion from our team of experts. If the results are okay and we accept you for treatment, we can discuss and arrange suitable dates for your visit and treatment.


2nd Step – Arrival to the Czech Republic, Prague or Brno

Our driver will be awaiting you at the airport and take you to your hotel. The following morning our Client Coordinator or Driver will pick you up from the lobby of your hotel and accompany you to the clinic.

We need to obtain your SVF cells using liposuction, a procedure performed by our experienced plastic surgeons in Brno. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, is safe and the patient remains conscious throughout. The procedure only takes a couple of minutes, with the best areas for extraction being around the abdomen and buttocks. Liposuction carries no risk of scar formation. The amount of adipose and connective tissue required for treatment of one large joint (or several small joints) is 50 ml and for two joints it is about 100 ml.


3rd Step – SVF cells isolation

The third step involves the preparation of SVF cells containing the stem cells at Cellthera laboratory based in Brno. 


4rd Step – Application to the affected area

In last stage of the process, an experienced orthopedic surgeon or traumatologist applies SVF cells to the target area. The site of injection is then covered with a sterile bandage, which can be removed after a few hours. After injection you can leave the clinic. For the first week, you should minimize the exercise and rather stay at home. During six weeks after the procedure, you should gradually increase your physical exercise to be able to perform your daily physical activities.


Significant reduction of pain can be experienced in 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Significant improvement of your condition can be experienced after 1-4 months depending on your age, weight and skills. Additional physiotherapy guided by professional lecturer may further enhance stem cell treatment results.

Stem Cell Team
Jaroslav Michalek

Dr. Michalek is a founder of Cellthera, Ltd. Company and President of International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy (ICCTI). He is a leading scientist and expert in Stem Cell Treatment and with his team they are focusing on innovative treatments using stem cells mainly in orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, oncology and plastic surgery.   MORE INFORMATION ABOUT STEM CELL TEAM

Who is suitable candidate for Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem Cell Treatment is suitable for orthopedic patients suffering from Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, stiff knee and related degenerative conditions of tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Among the affected joints could be the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, etc. 

Treatment is perfectly suitable for patients in stage 1, 2 or 3 – when cartilage is still present in the joint.

For arthritis in stage 4, the treatment options are very limited. Cartilage is already absent in the joint and the usual solution is to replace it with artificial joint. However, stem cell treatment for patients even in stage 4 brought positive results in pain reduction. Especially stage 4 patients with contraindications to total joint replacement surgery (knee replecement - also known as TKR) may still qualify for stem cell treatment.


Other possibilities of using Stem Cell Treatment are

bearing defects of joint cartilage, mostly after injury, osteochondrosis dissecans, joint cartilage disorders (chondromalacia, chondropathy), acute and chronic inflammations of tendons and ligaments, entesopathy (tennis elbow, golf elbow, heel spur, painful groin etc.), healing support in case of injuries or after surgery of ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones, acute damage of meniscus and ligaments of knee joint, acute and sub-acute partial damage of joint ligaments (shoulder, knee, ankle, etc.), sport injuries and overload injuries, neurological disorder (e.g. multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, stroke, encephalopathy or cerebral palsy).


Contraindications for the procedure are

any infectious disease, including an acute respiratory infection/cold; actively treated tumour disease and a period of 6 months to 1 year after completion of active treatment (chemotherapy or radiotherapy) of a tumour disease; systemic autoimmune disease; suspicion of a tumour disease; systemic immunosuppressive therapy; continuing use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and corticosteroids in therapeutic doses within the past 4 weeks – it is necessary to stop taking these medications at least 5 days before the planned collection of lipoaspirate; myocardial infarction or heart failure within the past 3 months; stroke within the past 3 months; pregnancy or nursing;  objectively proven osteonecrosis; mental instability or use of psychopharmaceuticals.

Comparison – Joint Replacement Surgery Vs Stem Cell Treatment


Joint Replacement Surgery

Stem Cell Treatment


Limited by age, waiting period

No limits in age, no waiting time


Serious pain, infection, thrombosis, stroke, heart attack

No serious side effects, local pain and swelling at the day of procedure

Number of Joints Treated




3-6 months

1-2 weeks


General anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia


Disadvantages of Joint Replacement (knee operation, knee pain, hip pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain)

Dislocation of the joint, Blood loss, Infection, Heart attack, Stroke, Thrombosis, Nerve damage, Cardiovascular and respiratory failure, Osteolysis, Loosening or wear-out of the implant.


Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!

Happy Customers

These customers have already used our services, and guess what. They are happy!


Once we ensure that you are a suitable candidate for Stem Cell Treatment and you agree with the treatment, a proposed date and the treatment price, the next step will be to pay the total sum to the clinic account. The payment is a 100% booking guarantee of your date and needs to be delivered to the clinic account two days before the planned procedure or sooner.

If you do not show up for the treatment without providing us with a reason, we cannot return the money back. Of course in the event that you are ill or if an emergency prevents you from keeping your date and you are able to notify us in a timely manner, we are able to find new dates for you and use this money to secure a new date.

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