Deborah, UK

Plastic Surgery
July 2019

This was my second visit to Prague, having already had a small plastic surgery and a gastric balloon.  Following the weight loss, I felt that it was appropriate to also have a facelift.  I had already built up a relationship with Jessica and trusted in her to take good care of me for a second time.  

Travelling alone to another country to have plastic surgery is absolutely frightening, but having the coordinator to help and support you throughout the whole process is extremely comforting.  Had this not been part of the service, I would probably not have gone ahead after my initial enquiries.  Jessica took care of everything, I didn’t need to worry about getting anywhere or not understanding what was happening.  She even attended the consultation with me to ensure that I fully understood what would happen.  She asked questions that I may not have thought of and gave me useful information based on experiences with other clients.  

Due to my previous experience with the clinic, I did not hesitate to book my facelift with them.  The clinic is comfortable, modern and stylish; the staff are incredibly professional and caring and the surgeons are amazing.  

My recovery has been good.  It is just three weeks since my facelift, the staples and stitches are out, the swelling is much reduced and my scars are healing beautifully. 

Thank you to all involved in my care.


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