Kate, UK

Plastic Surgery
March 2016

Thank you... you and your team made everything very straightforward. .. and simple. I am only 7 days since surgery and took my last antibiotics today... but so far so good! ... and I would be happy to offer my reviews / photos in 6 weeks or so.. when the journey is complete. To give a comprehensive overview start to finish.
Particular high points for me were the good communication I had with you and Martina... quite possibly the nicest person I’ve ever met!

The hospital staff were good..(Especially anaesthetist) given the language barrier... and Dr Satankova appears to have done an excellent job.

If there were ways to improve the whole experience... I think a more comprehensive 'buddy' service could be offered at a extra cost... for those people travelling alone... to perhaps check in at hospital after procedure.. just to ensure all is well and reassure patient. And also accompany them home / to hotel also. .. Like I say... I think most people travelling alone would be happy to pay an additional 70 or 100 euros say for that additional attention. X

A home buddy system maybe..?  your ambassadors to be on the end of a phone to communicate with someone in ur own language who has been thru the experience already .. and can offer moral and practical advice and support. Xx

All round I am extremely pleased...
Thank you so much