Kelly, UK

Plastic Surgery
July 2014

Planning, research and making the final decision to have liposuction was quite daunting and travelling alone to a country I have not been to before and putting my trust in people I had never met petrified me. I made the best decision. From the beginning the team at Medical Travel were quick to respond to my enquiries, were very knowledgeable, and provided all the details I would need to make my stay run as smoothly as possible. I was collected from the airport and taken straight to my hotel. Jana collected me first thing in the morning and took me to the Clinic. The clinic is very modern and clean. The staff were very welcoming and friendly which immediately put me at ease and everyone spoke English.  The pre op assessments were very thorough and my surgeon Dr Vasek was very professional and gave me excellent advice and recommendations, not just for the surgery but lifestyle changes that would assist me long term. I chose to have a general anaesthetic as I was having 6 areas targeted. My room was very comfortable and the nurses provided excellent treatment. The surgery was straight forward with no complications. When I came around my compression garment was already fitted. The only slight complaint would be that you only get one garment and you definitely need two due to washing and changes. I decided to buy a second but my size and garment style were out of stock and the company that provided them were on holiday so I left with only one. Before I left I was given information regarding aftercare and medication. I chose to buy additional medication to aid a faster recovery as I am going away on holiday in 4 weeks. I am now 5 days post op and the bruising on my hips has already started to turn yellow. The swelling has eased slightly and the small wounds are healing (be prepared you WILL leak) I can already see a major change in my body shape and can't wait to see the final results. I am very happy with my overall experience with Medical Travel and Clinic and would not hesitate to use them in the future.