Lauren, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2019

Sorry, it’s been an absolutely hectic week or so! I wanted it to be good feedback and therefore wanted to think about what to say.

Thank you for making my process with medical travel easy! Prague is a wonderful place and is very easy to navigate around despite being cold this time of year... 

I felt very at ease and safe with the whole process and would definitely recommend others using your company! You speak great English and was able to answer any questions I had to settle my nerves and was good moral support throughout. You offered help at every opportunity and was willing to provide me with details I needed with transport whilst in Prague. 

Communication has been thorough and efficient, with different means offered to get in contact with you! Whatever is best suited to the individual. You were there as a translator for the meeting with the surgeon and although at times this felt slightly uncomfortable you were able to explain the procedure and what was needed well. 

I recommended it whilst in the discussion stages, that the prices should be made a little clearer with preoperative assessments being an additional charge as this can be misunderstood. Also if it could be made clear prior to traveling into the Czech Republic whether or not the surgeon needs payment in card or cash as this could prove a problem in the future for other clients.

I was requested to move up and out of hospital 12 -14 hours after coming out of surgery. Although this may seem a sufficient amount of time for some people, I was struggling with nausea, dizziness and significant pain. Maybe consideration needs to be made into the patient's condition before releasing them.

However, I really loved how talkative you was and interested in everything to do with me and what I was looking for. She didn’t judge my situation and made me feel comfortable with myself. Throughout it all, you constantly was checking up on how I was feeling, which made me feel valued and welcome! 

Hope you are well.

Thank you again! 

Let me know if you’re in the UK ever!