Louise, Swiss

Plastic Surgery
January 2015

My experience with Medical Travel Czech Republic was nothing but AMAZING. I would personally like to thank Richard Kvech for helping me throughout the whole process! He has answered ALL my questions from beginning till the end. And has always been flexible to my wishes! I loved the fact that I can write an email anytime and I would get a quick reply. This made me trust Medical Travels even more, which is very important for clients traveling to a different country to undergo a surgery.

I am very happy that he has also given me choices of different clinics in Prague. And I am also very much satisfied to have chosen Brandeis Clinic. This clinic has over stepped my expectations, first impression of the clinic was really great! And the employees and nurses were very accommodating and hospitable. One tiny negative thing was punctuality. During the day of my Pre-op check-up I was scheduled at 7:00 so I took the extra mile to be there on time. Since it was my first time in Prague I got late for 2 minutes (7:02). I felt bad being 2 minutes late, because on the email they told me to be on time. But upon my arrival I had to wait till 08:30 to get my blood checked and all my vital statistics. Then after that I even had to wait till 9:30 to finally meet my surgeon Dr. Musilova. It was a lot of waiting time. It did not bother me that much, but it would be better if there was not so much waiting time (for future Clients).

My room was clean and had all the necessities I needed for a night. The 3 nurses who took care of me, made me feel more than taken care of. They were always ready to help me with a smile. I think because of this helped me a lot to feel comfortable and feel better even faster.

My surgeon Dr. Musilova tried her best to explain the whole process to me. And she was able to reach my expectations. The results are great! And I am just a very satisfied customer.

I would always recommend Medical Travel Czech Republic to any of my friends. And also Brandeis Clinic.