Vanja, Malta

Plastic Surgery
January 2020

I am so happy to meet you in person and I am very thankful you spend time with me while I was waiting for the operation. Our conversation help me to release my fear and tension. Beside you are very lovely and goodhearted person, you are very professional and responsible too. Thank you.

Your website was very easy to use, clear and brief information, transparent in prices and procedures, very well done I could give 10 out of 10.

After sending my contact and questions I got very quick reply from Marie Glavanakovova, as well I could give 10. As I start to search for options about Rhinoplasty, I was overwhelmed with lots of emails and information that confused me at the time. However, the emails Marie sent to me were always at the proper time and very well explained, well done 10. All way through, from the first contact to check up photos, arranging consultation with doctor, date for procedure, taxi ride to the clinic, provided from Medica Travel Czech Republic and their Marie Glavanakovova has been perfect experience, amazing collaboration and from any way great help for me to choose   right clinic , doctor and procedure. Big thank you Medica Travel will always recommend you!

To improve something more I could suggest only post operation help, like contact with some local pharmacy or doctor who provide delivery and some food store with delivery too!