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Whether it's the correction of an inherited defect, aesthetic reconstruction following an accident, or simply a desire to improve your looks in some way, you'll find the procedure here at Medical Travel, carried out by some of the very best plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic. To whet your appetite for the range of procedures we offer and the successful outcomes we are so proud of, have a look at some of the many happy recommendations we've collected on these pages.

Raj, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2014
I visited the Perfect Clinic in Prague through Medical Travel. The...

I visited the Perfect Clinic in Prague through Medical Travel. The procedure I had carried out was a male breast reduction (removal of excess skin after weight loss) and liposuction of the hips. The male breast reduction is not a very common procedure so finding the correct doctor with the relevant experience was important.

My contact at Medical Travel was Jana who was brilliant, she was understanding, answered all questions promptly and very friendly with well spoken English. I decided to go with Dr Pros at the Prefect Clinic having read previous reviews and doing my own research and I liked the fact that he had also worked in the UK.

On my arrival to Prague I was picked up with a pre arranged taxi and taken to my hotel were I was later greeted by Jana and together we went to the clinic for my consultation. The clinic was clean and modern. Dr Pros was polite and understood my situation and together we discussed options until I was happy with the procedure. The next day was the surgery were I arrived at the clinic at 8am and went for pre op test i.e. blood test, ECG etc The surgery itself went smoothly and when I woke up there was very little pain.

The staff at the clinic were brilliant, they looked after me very well and the food was much better then expected. I only stayed at the clinic for one night but I recommend taking books, a laptop etc with you to pass the time as this was the hardest part.

It has only been 3 weeks since my surgery but so far I'm pleased with the results and hopefully once the swelling has gone it will look even better. Overall I recommend using Medical Travel and Perfect Clinic. 

Michael, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2014
Everything was perfect! thank you very much!

Everything was perfect! thank you very much!

Gillian, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
As for Medical Travel I would like to say that I am so grateful to...

As for Medical Travel

I would like to say that I am so grateful to you and your company for arranging everything for me with the clinic in Prague. I liked the fact that I only had to deal with you and you did all the running around and arranging for me, I also liked the fact that you gave me three options of clinics, prices, and doctors so I could do further research and make an informed decision.

The airport transfer to our accommodation was excellent and made the journey stress free, also the advice on very convenient accommodation was great, as was the fact that you met me on the morning of the surgery at our accommodation, to take me to the clinic, even though it was 7.30am.

As for the Clinic

From the initial contact with the clinic, they have been professional and outstanding. From the initial tests through the two surgeries, everyone was supportive, helpful and kind. Throughout my three night stay at the clinic I was treated excellently by all the staff, the nurses were very attentive and supportive, and the Night nurses were especially reassuring, Even the reception staff were excellent and very informative and welcoming. The clinic is lovely, very clean and well run, and the location is excellent. My partner was also made to feel very welcome when visiting me and was treated excellently. The overall experience outweighed my expectations, and Prague is such a lovely city I even managed to sightsee a little. I am so impressed with the clinic I would have no hesitation in recommending your clinic.

Thank you once again Richard for making the whole process hassle free and smooth running.

Matthew, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
I’ve wanted Gynecomastia surgery for years and I finally plucked up...

I’ve wanted Gynecomastia surgery for years and I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead with the operation. After months of researching my options I finally decided to use Medical Travel Czech. I was slightly nervous about getting surgery abroad because I am from the UK, I asked a lot of questions firstly by email, all to which were answered by Richard in a very professionally and timely manner, this gave me a lot a confidence in their service and alleviated a lot of concern.

The next step was to pay a small deposit (€400) by bank transfer and complete a health application form so they understand any existing problems; the deposit was to guarantee my date in the clinic. The overall operation cost €1775 (under £1500) – I had quotes in UK of over £4500! So you do the maths. This price included airport pickup, one night stay in hotel plus breakfast and dinner the next day, plus your medication post-surgery and the compression garment. Richard from Medical Travel recommended a new clinic and provided me with the clinic details and the website so I could view myself.

When I arrived in Prague Medical Travel the taxi was there on time and took me straight to the clinic. Upon arriving in the clinic I could immediately see it was very modern and clean, the manager Maria was very helpful and spoke very good English, she helped me with my forms and made me feel comfortable. I found all staff were very friendly, helpful and informative which really helps you to relax.

I then met the head nurse Jana, who conducted the pre-operative tests, again she was very friendly and spoke English, she talked me through what she was doing and everything was carried out in a professional manner. The room I stayed in was modern and clean, you have a wardrobe with a key to lock away valuables but luckily I didn’t have to share a room so it wasn’t required, I had my own shower room and toilet which comes in handy.

I was then given some “sexy” stockings and underpants to wear before the surgery by Olga one of the nurses, we had a little giggle over the funny clothing but its required for surgery. I then met the anaesthetist and Dr who both gave me info about the surgery and asked if I had any questions, also met another Doctor who went through my questionnaire with me, to ensure everything I had answered was understood.  Again, they were all very friendly, professional and informative.

After the surgery I remember Eva coming in every so often to check my blood pressure and to feed me medication, this also made me feel like I was being treated professionally, frequent visits were made to check to see how I was.

The morning after Olga came in and took readings and measured blood pressure and gave me meds etc, she really looked after me that day, she brought me breakfast, dinner (meals were great) and kept asking if I wanted a drink throughout the day, she even brought me in a little portable DVD player which was lovely because you are on your own for quite some time. So Olga, if you are reading thank you very much for looking after me!

So finally my time in the clinic was coming to an end, Dr met with me again and asked how I was doing and answered all my questions, he took the bandages off to show me the results, I could instantly see the difference and I was VERY pleased, the cut had been done following the circumference of my nipple so when it heals it will be barely noticeable, Dr explained how to treat my wounds and how to leave the stitches alone and how to take the meds, we shook hands smiling and he left.

Olga then came in and said goodbye and gave me a little pack which included instructions of frequency of medications and what to do with the bandages and strips etc, she even helped me pack my bag (bless her) and before leaving Maria asked me to write in their book and offered to get me a taxi whilst we finished off with the paperwork.

Overall my experience was fantastic, I was really nervous at first but the whole process worked seamlessly and I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. The whole team were fantastic and I highly recommend the clinic and the Medical Travel Czech group for helping succeed in my life changing procedure.

Thank you Richard Kvech for arranging my trip and thank you Dr and the clinic staff for changing my life!

Belinda, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
I am fantastic. Love my eyes an A star service totally recommended....

I am fantastic. Love my eyes an A star service totally recommended. Surgery was perfect. Thank you!

Jane, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after me so well....

I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after me so well.  The whole experience from beginning to end was fantastic and I felt very well looked after throughout the entire process. Of course I was reluctant to go abroad for surgery at first, but having spoken to Richard, my fears were very quickly put to rest as he dealt with me patiently and knowledgeably, and this was reflected in the care and attention I received from the staff at the clinic I selected.

I am extremely happy with the result of the procedure and would not hesitate in recommending Medical Travel in the future. I would even go so far as to say the whole experience was better, cheaper, more efficient than treatment I received in the UK 7 years ago.  If you are considering travelling abroad for any kind of surgery, this is my genuine opinion and recommendation.  As an aside, while there, we rented a lovely flat and were able to work easily and visit many lovely restaurants, so we had a really nice holiday as well.  Thank to you to the team and I wish you all the best.

Ken, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2013
After having a consultation with a surgeon about ear correction...

After having a consultation with a surgeon about ear correction surgery in the UK, I was amazed at the high costs for what was only a 90 min operation under local anaesthetic. A whopping £3000!

I decided to look for an alternative. So after searching the internet it seemed that the Czech Republic was a popular destination for cosmetic surgery. I tried to contact individual clinics myself with very limited or no replies.

Then I discovered Medical Travel. I simply filled in an online form explaining the procedure I required, also attaching a couple of photos.

I was very quickly contacted by Martina who is an International Client Representative for Medical Travel explained to Martina that I had already booked a 4 night stay in Prague and could the procedure be arranged around those dates.

Shortly afterwards Martina sent me details of 2 clinics in Prague that could carry out the operation the morning after I arrived. So within a few days of contacting Medical Travel, I was booked in for an operation that was only costing 670 euros.

I cannot thank Martina enough for all that she did to make it all possible. Then on the morning of my operation I was met at the front desk of my Hotel by Martina herself to escort me to the clinic and introduce me to the staff there. That was a lovely personal touch Martina, thank you very much.

I was greeted at clinic by very friendly receptionists and nurses. Shortly after I met the surgeon, who went through some details with me, and then I had the op. The whole thing took just 2.5 hours, and I got back to the Hotel in time for breakfast returned to the clinic the following morning to have the bandages removed by the surgeon was supplied with painkillers, antibiotics and creams, along with a compression bandage, and was then free to explore the wonderful city of Prague

I am really impressed by what Medical Travel did for me and I highly recommend anyone thinking of having cosmetic surgery to get in touch with them

Thanks again to all involved!

Lorraine, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2013
I hope you and your team had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! I...

I hope you and your team had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! I would like to thank you for such a professional job that you do. I had my surgery on the 19th December and returned home on the 21st December. Clinic in Prague was lovely and the Nurses and Staff and of course Surgeon were all wonderful they were so kind and my surgery face lift and upper and lower eye lift are healing well. The instructions on after care were clear and helpful to my quick recovery. It is 2 weeks since my surgery and I only have slight bruising under my eyes, I shall send you photos in 2 weeks when I can see more improvement. Thank you again for everything.

Luljana, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2013
Hello from England, Post-op everything fantastic, i have started...

Hello from England,

Post-op everything fantastic, i have started exercising slowly, had a very wonderful new year, lots of people lots of happiness, i hope u had the same.

After a long journey finding the right place were to have my surgery, i decided to go with Medical Travel,  after having 4 pregnancies whatever i did was impossible to have the tummy i had before had, after talking with Jana the International client representative i was very happy with everything that i asked and i was replied back, October 26 was the day of my op, coming from London with my family to support me was wonderful, i had a little look of the fantastic Prague, and definitely i will go back again, Jana is a lovely lady and she even helped me during out of hours work, surgeon was fantastic, a lovely strict man which i was very comfortable with, surgery went smooth, surgery up to the standards very polite English speaking people, a had a change of life i can say, the people i meet in Prague changed my life for ever. Prices fantastic, welcoming fantastic, i don't have words to describe the lovely experience i had in Prague and my family as well. Overall very very happy, i did recommend my sister as well, she will be in Prague in February. Going there and having surgery done has changed my life forever. I do recommend Medical Travel because they make people feel at home don't matter where u are from, thanks again i was born for the second time i can say. I wish u all the best, and i wish everyone that has a surgery feels the same as i do now!

Tom, UK

Plastic Surgery
November 2013
I would like to start by stating how pleased I was with the...

I would like to start by stating how pleased I was with the efficiency of both your and the clinics services.

From beginning till end you were always available, either phone or email and responded promptly to my queries and concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any future patients considering using your service.

As for the clinic its self, I can say that this was a great experience but I hope not to ever have to repeat, but would definitely recommend. The clinic was clean, modern, well staffed and English speaking, very helpful! I was well looked after and offered all the support post-op.

I hope this will be of use, feel free to use my comments in your testimonials section, I would not mind being contacted, via email, should any further queries arise.

Jan, UK

Plastic Surgery
October 2013
I visited the perfect clinic in Praha this October for a tummy tuck...

I visited the perfect clinic in Praha this October for a tummy tuck and liposuction. On my arrival as promised a taxi was waiting to take me to my hotel.

The following day I was collected by the lovely Jana who I had been speaking with in the UK, the clinic was very clean and hi Tec I had a consultation with Dr Frajer who explained the procedure to me.

I was then taken for blood tests and ECG. Once it was confirmed I was fit for the operation I was taken to my room I had a really lovely nurse called Blanca who reassured me the whole time.

The operation went fine. My whole experience was great well as much as it could be they were all very attentive and tea was always there. There are a couple of very small negatives which are: Not all staff had a good understanding of English. They only have CNN which drives you mad so more English TV would be good as you get so bored. By 3rd day get some food bought in as what they give you is good and wholesome but bland.

Prague is lovely so that's a bonus and the metro is great. If you are worried about going don't be. 

Darren, UK

Plastic Surgery
August 2013
I was very happy with the treatment I had over in Prague and if I...

I was very happy with the treatment I had over in Prague and if I want anything done again I will come back to your clinic

Richard, UK

Plastic Surgery
August 2013
The service I received from medical travel was exceptional. From my...

The service I received from medical travel was exceptional. From my initial request in Feb to my surgery in September, the communication was open, honest and reliable. My liposuction was exceptional value for money, and I was supported every step of the way. The standard of care in Prague is world class, and I wouldn't hesitate to return, despite being very apprehensive before the treatment.

Lucy, UK

Plastic Surgery
August 2013
I'm happy with the result from my liposuction. My thighs are now much...

I'm happy with the result from my liposuction. My thighs are now much thinner and I fit into my old jeans again! I went from a size 14-16 to a size 10-12, which is significant and my body is now much more 'in proportion'. Overall I am glad that I had the operation done and I think that Dr Pros did a good job. The clinic was clean and the room where I stayed was pleasant and comfortable. I was given nice food and drink. My scars from the procedure are small and neat. 

Natasha, USA

Plastic Surgery
June 2013
Everything went extremely well with Natasha's surgery. We cannot say...

Everything went extremely well with Natasha's surgery. We cannot say enough about how great the clinic was along with the doctors and staff. We are very happy that we went with them. 

Angela, UK

Plastic Surgery
March 2013
I was bit nervous getting such surgery done abroad, but after I read...

I was bit nervous getting such surgery done abroad, but after I read lots of good reviews about the clinic and after a couple of stupid comments about my nose, I decided to pluck up my courage and get on with it. I strongly recommend this place to those, who want to have very professional rhinoplasty for reasonable price. I know how hard it can be to find a doctor, but they are very good in this clinic, I've had great experience and I am very happy with the results and the costs saved. 

Erin, Ireland

Plastic Surgery
May 2013
Great experience with Medical Travel Czech Republic. From the start,...

Great experience with Medical Travel Czech Republic. From the start, being picked up at the airport really put my mind at ease and was very convenient. Richard the international patient representative was available for all my queries before, during and after my trip to Prague for Otoplasty. My doctor was excellent, the results are very natural and my doctor in Ireland commented at how good a job the surgeon had done. On top of all that, my partner and I had a wonderful weekend in Prague and were able to enjoy the sights as I had very little pain after the procedure. And the surgery worked out at about a sixth the price it would have at home! Would highly recommend Medical Travel Czech Republic's services and Dr for Otoplasty procedures.

Eamonn, Ireland

Plastic Surgery
January 2013
Scares gone underneath eye after first week. Three weeks to the day...

Scares gone underneath eye after first week. Three weeks to the day scares gone above eye lid, back to work after 2nd week. Very, very happy with the results.

Manuela, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2012
I had a short but great stay in Prague. What i enjoyed the most was...

I had a short but great stay in Prague. What i enjoyed the most was your hospitality when picking me up from the airport the information you provided to me about my surgery and site seeing in Prague. You were very kind and helpful many thanks.

Wenche, Norway

Plastic Surgery
October 2012
I did get appointment quick, and it was good information about...

I did get appointment quick, and it was good information about surgery, and how to be prepared. I have nothing to complain.. was very ok, and I am very satisfied with the result. I did not get any complications.. so, I am very happy. Thank You for all service.