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EmbryoScope® is a state-of-the-art incubation system that uses time-lapse technology to monitor the health and development of embryos, eliminating the need for human handling. By capturing detailed images, at frequent and regular intervals and from multiple vantages, the system provides embryologists with detailed information on the qualities of each embryo. 

In conventional incubation, developing embryos are daily removed by embryologists for approximately one minute to assess their progress. This produces unavoidable changes in critical cultivation variables and exposes embryos to disruptive stresses that can hinder their development—embryos handled in such a fashion tend to develop about four to five hours slower over the course of cultivation. Moreover, under these practices, there is no visual record of development, and embryos are selected for transfer based only on their current status, without regard to their formative history.

With EmbryoScope®, from the moment of fertilisation to the moment of transfer, embryos remain undisturbed inside the incubator. They are allowed to develop, without interruption, in a stable environment, under conditions closely simulating those in the womb. A built-in camera takes detailed photos of each embryo, every 10 minutes, in 10 different focal planes, providing embryologists with illuminating data on each embryo and enabling them to choose the best one for transfer.

EmbryoScope® is capable of housing up to six patient culture dishes, each containing up to 12 embryos, for a potential total of 72 embryos. It is therefore recommended in cases where there is a larger number of embryos to culture, particularly when there are more than four to a couple.

Lastly, the system’s time-lapse technology benefits not only the lab, but the mother and father as well, gifting them with a visual record of their child’s development, from conception to transfer.

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