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Cosmetic Surgery References

Whether it's the correction of an inherited defect, aesthetic reconstruction following an accident, or simply a desire to improve your looks in some way, you'll find the procedure here at Medical Travel, carried out by some of the very best plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic. To whet your appetite for the range of procedures we offer and the successful outcomes we are so proud of, have a look at some of the many happy recommendations we've collected on these pages.

Nijah, Germany

Plastic Surgery
February 2017
I was nervous at first, but the staff was very comforting and...

I was nervous at first, but the staff was very comforting and trustworthy. The Dr. showed me what he was going to do, and he did just that. After the surgery the nurse took care of me the entire night. I was very pleased with the cleanliness of the facility and happy with my results. Thanks for making me feel comfortable and safe! When being in a different Country with a language barrier it is hard to adjust, but the staff was awesome and I'd recommend this place to anyone! 

Raj, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2017
I am now two weeks post liposuction surgery undertaken at Dr...

I am now two weeks post liposuction surgery undertaken at Dr Samudovsky’s clinic, arranged through Richard at Medical Travel Czech Republic.

The initial email communication with Richard was fantastic, he is very knowledgeable and will offer you several options to solve your problems. There is no hard selling; you are always in the drivers seat.  Richard provides an excellent level of customer service, he is very attentive to clients and always responds to emails promptly.

Medical Travel Czech Republic offer an all inclusive price of treatments, transfers to your hotel and a taxi to your first hospital visit along with the actual procedure & after healthcare costs.

Upon arrival in Prague my transfer was waiting for me, Richard will meet you to take you to your first appointment and is fully contactable during your stay in Prague. The process from start to finish ran like clockwork and was very impressive.

The clinic was clean & plush (a lot nicer than most facilities in the UK). The nurses & surgeon were extremely professional, kind & their level of patient care was second to none. The treatment was successful and the results are amazing!

The overall experience was fantastic and all for a fraction of the price you would pay in the UK, plus you get to visit Prague, which is such a beautiful city. I would highly recommend Medical Travel Czech Republic to anyone currently looking for a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Jazee, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2017
First of all I would like to appreciate you and express of my...

First of all I would like to appreciate you and express of my pleasure dealing with you, In fact it was one of my best deals that I have ever made in Medication, and for sure you will be one of my considerable option in my future medication trips. Once again I would like to thank you and thank your supportive team of Medical Travel Czech for the high quality services provided.

With regard to the procedure applied in my case, I found that the results are at my expectations if not more, and I’m happy about it.

Looking forward to see you in future!

John, USA

Plastic Surgery
December 2016
The whole process was seamless, with every detail accounted for....

The whole process was seamless, with every detail accounted for. Lucie is a lovely guide and host and found me a great clinic!

Freya, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2016
Since I was about 14 I wanted to get a breast enlargement, I have...

Since I was about 14 I wanted to get a breast enlargement, I have always been quite skinny so never had any boobs at all. When I turned 19 I decided to just go for it and get them done. I contacted Medical Travel Czech and my Client Representative Martina sorted everything out for me, all I had to do was send over some pictures to be reviewed by a few clinics. As I had already been to Formé Clinic I decided I wanted to go there. She organised my airport transfer to the hotel which was included in the price too. On the day of surgery Martina met us at the hotel and took us to the clinic for me to have my tests done. I finally met my surgeon Dr Peter Mertan and he put me at ease straight away! I had decided I wanted to go from an A cup to a C and he agreed this would be a good size for me as he wanted them to look natural. After I left my Dad and Martina, one of the nurses took me into my recovery room so I could wait to be called into surgery. Everyone was so lovely and friendly I didn't feel nervous at all and before I knew it I was waking up a couple of hours later with my new (and very painful) boobs. Despite all the drugs I was in a lot of pain as I had my implants under the muscle. The sisters on the ward were amazing! They couldn't have made me feel better and they did everything they could to make sure I was as comfortable as I could be. I was only in the clinic overnight then got to go back to the hotel. It was quite hard to move about but they gave me plenty of strong pain killers. I went back to England a couple of days after surgery and spent the next 3 weeks resting. I couldn't lie down at all and I was quite achy for about a week. Now here I am about 2 and a half months later and I couldn't be happier! I still have quite a way to go until they are completely healed and dropped properly but I'd never go anywhere else for surgery. Altogether I paid about £3500 for my surgery, flight and hotel which is absolutely brilliant! I have a few friends that want to get their boobs done after seeing my results. Thank you Martina for giving me a brilliant experience and for making me the happiest I've ever been! I can't recommend this clinic enough! They definitely haven't seen the last of me!


Sabrina, Ireland

Plastic Surgery
December 2016
I would be very happy to give you a review I really enjoyed it all (...

I would be very happy to give you a review I really enjoyed it all (even though I was very nervous) and no question went unanswered... it’s been a pleasure, I have a few friends interested I will pass on your details. Thanks for everything!

Catherine, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2016
Thanks very much for all your help. My experience in Prague was...

Thanks very much for all your help. My experience in Prague was wonderful and I am delighted the result of the procedure. Everyone was lovely, the surgeon was wonderful and you and Tereza really great. I am now thinking of going ahead with the tummy tuck.

Georgia, UK

Plastic Surgery
October 2016
Well where can I start. I have wanted to have a breast reduction...

Well where can I start. I have wanted to have a breast reduction since I was 11. I always had bigger breasts than everyone else. When I was 21 I decided enough is enough I can’t live like this anymore. After being refused the surgery on the UK NHS I started looking into going private. I looked into UK surgeons and they were all asking for £5500 for just a reduction and £9000 for a reduction and a lift. Being a full time student this amount was unattainable. After doing a lot of research I found Medical travel Czech. I found the website and remember thinking this is too good to be true. I took a leap of faith and sent my images to the company. Within 24 hours I had a response from a man named Richard. Richard introduced himself as my patient coordinator. As daunting as it sounds to send photos of an insecurity to a complete stranger I have never felt so comfortable speaking to a person. Richard found several plastic surgeons who assessed my photos and suggested what I would need to achieve my desired results. I chose Dr. Andrea Musilová who suggested I have a breast reduction and lift. I put my deposit down within a few weeks and I was booked for my surgery. Any questions I had were addressed within 24 hours by Richard. The day before the surgery I was picked up from the airport by a driver who took me and my sister straight to our hotel. The morning of the surgery Richard came to pick us up from our hotel and took us to the clinic. The biggest praise I have for this company is their staff. I initially though I would feel uncomfortable meeting my patient coordinator after this person had seen an area of my body I deemed ‘embarrassing’. After meeting Richard I felt completely different. He made me laugh and eased my nerves about the surgery, He was completely professional and made the whole experience a memory I will treasure. My surgery went well and I will recommend this company to anybody and everyone I meet. It was completely professional and anyone looking to undergo surgery through this company do not hesitate. This feedback is my own opinion and experience which I have not been paid to write. I don’t have to be because this company does exactly what it says on the tin. There are no hidden fees and anything needed for the surgery is inclusive of the price. I paid 1/3 of what I would have in the UK including flights and hotel for after the surgery. I am now three weeks post operation and I have never felt happier. Thank you Medical Travel Czech for making me feel beautiful again.

Kim and Shelley, UK

Plastic Surgery
October 2016
We both seem to have suffered the same side effects from the...

We both seem to have suffered the same side effects from the operation which quite honestly we did expect to some extent.  But as our friend had had the same operation back in May of this year and said that she suffered hardly any effects afterwards (her bruising was very slight and her numbness was minor) me and Shelley did expect to feel better than we do at present.

Don't get me wrong, we are totally happy with the results, but we did go into it with quite a blasé attitude (maybe that was a good thing) but it is a major operation with quite a bit of downtime required.  I did go back to work 2 weeks after op as I felt ok (didn't look ok) but told the guys at work I took a tumble in the wood whilst walking the dog) lol.  Shelley didn't go back for 4 weeks (even tho she only works weekends!!!).

Like I said I still have slight bruising on the top of my cheeks which is fading by the day, numbness on side of face and ears is still pretty raw and ears are quite tender but I guess this will get better with time.

As regards our decision to book with Medical Travel, we would do this all again.  From the first email with yourself providing us with all the information that we required, to the complimentary airport collection which saved us a lot of time and trouble trying to find our way to the hotel, and finally to meeting you when you collected us from the hotel the following morning to accompany us to the clinic.  I liked the fact that all communication was totally with yourself which made it more personable.

The clinic is modern, clean and airy.  The staff are second to none.  Dr Vasek was very thorough in talking us through the procedure and what we could expect and for how long and also the side effects that we may expect.   He was also very attentive after the operation, visited us directly after the procedure, twice the following day and also on the day of discharge from the clinic.

The nurses were very attentive and nothing was too much trouble.  Shelley was quite ill for 24 hours due to the effects of the anaesthetic but those nurses were on hand every time she needed them.  They were very polite with a good sense of humour.  They also were specific about our medication, how much we should take and how often and what each one was for. 

The food at all times was excellent, great selection and plenty of it.  To be quite honest, we didn't want to go back to the hotel!!

Finally we would like to say that should anyone be considering any type of cosmetic surgery in the near future, to seriously consider the Czech Republic as it is only a two hour flight, there are hotels very close to the clinic, Prague is a lovely place and the people very friendly.

I must let you know that I did visit my doctor approx. 3 weeks after op as my ears were quite angry looking where the stitches had been. At this point the bruising on my cheeks was still very noticeable so upon seeing me he asked what I had been up to.  I told him about the procedure I had and he couldn't quite believe the work and skill of Dr. Vasek (especially where the stitches had been under my eyes).  He was very praiseworthy of his work and then asked where I had the procedure.  I told him Prague which again he was amazed at as some of his patients had been to Belgium for cosmetic procedures.  He then took down the name of the clinic and also the website address.  He was also impressed with the cost of it all.  So all in all a job well done in Prague!!  ps. He said the ears were not infected just a little red so prescribed an antibiotic cream which has healed them up nicely.

Well Richard, I think I have said enough now, so will wish you well and many thanks for the experience which both Shelley and myself enjoyed from start to finish (even through the suffering we experienced) lol 

Sophie, UK

Plastic Surgery
October 2016
The service that I received from yourself, Dr Benes and all of the...

The service that I received from yourself, Dr Benes and all of the Forme team was amazing. I Have already recommended you to my friend who is considering a procedure. I am also very pleased with the results, he did a great job. I would definitely return for any future  procedures. There would be nothing else to improve on. Many thanks!

Margit, Norway

Plastic Surgery
September 2016
I am very satisfied with Medical Travel and my trip to Praha was...

I am very satisfied with Medical Travel and my trip to Praha was without any problems.

I chose the clinic because I could stay there for two nights and got medical care all the time. The price for surgery abroad was also important, but most of all the care. I was not aware that you have some of the best face-doctors in Europe, so I was just lucky with my choose.

I felt I had personal contact with the clinic through Alena - and that is very important before choosing clinic. She emailed my quickly and often and answered all my questions before my treatment.

Dr. Vasek is a safe and very professional doctor. I relied on him immediately.

I stayed at a miserable hotel/hostel the night before my surgery because I didn’t know the city. It would have been better if the clinic had chosen a hotel for me - to get a minimum standard. I stayed two more days at another hotel in Praha after the operation. I could have flied home to Norway the same day or the day after. The last two days was a bit boring and not necessary to stay in Praha. You just want to go home and rest after the surgery.

My stiches and face were quickly repaired and I never had any pains (dropped the "pain killers"). I can recommend the clinic, I am very happy with my decision to go to Praha and my new face!!

Alison, UK

Plastic Surgery
September 2016
Breast Reduction. Just wanted 2 say a big thanku for all ur support...

Breast Reduction.

Just wanted 2 say a big thanku for all ur support I'm back at the hotel now.  I've had a really good experience from start 2 Finnish and I love my new breast. Most of all the help and support you have given me  has been fantastic and I can't thank u enough. I will definitely be recommending urself 2 others in the UK who are waiting 2 see how I go on my daughter has already said wen she has her baby next year she wants hers done. Again a big thankyou you have been first class.

Mandy, UK

Plastic Surgery
September 2016
I would highly recommend the Brandeis clinic and doctor Musilova all...

I would highly recommend the Brandeis clinic and doctor Musilova all nurses and staff I could not fault them very friendly, kind and helpful which made my operation and stay in Prague good. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my breast reduction I had a lovely time whilst in Prague. Thank you for all your help, there is nothing I would change as all went well thanks to all the team at Brandeis clinic!

Bonita, Holland

Plastic Surgery
August 2016
I really enjoyed meeting you and your company was very comforting...

I really enjoyed meeting you and your company was very comforting while waiting for the surgery. I would give my experience a 10/10 for both Medical travel CZ, the Brandeis clinic, its employees and the experience itself. Everyone was so nice and patient and working up to the surgery, all questions were answered very clearly. During my stay, all employees made sure I was comfortable and it made everything a lot less scary. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

One thing I would change is the pick-up service on the day of the surgery. Although it was lovely and comforting to be picked up, I think it would make more sense to bring the clients home/to the hotel after the surgery as they may be in great discomfort at that time. 

Thank you once more for all your help and time. I wish you a lovely day.

Mark, UK

Plastic Surgery
August 2016
Otoplasty. Would like to say a big thankyou for all your efforts...

Otoplasty. Would like to say a big thankyou for all your efforts regarding surgery in Prague, everything went very well from start to finish and would recommend your company without hesitation, all the best for the future.

Stuart & May, UK

Plastic Surgery
August 2016
My wife was interested in having breast replacement implants and was...

My wife was interested in having breast replacement implants and was keen to have done in Prague as she'd heard good reviews from other people. We searched online and found medical travel czech republic services. We were contacted by Tereza and told of the various options available to my wife. She was given all the available doctors details and offered available dates to suit. Once we'd settled on a date and doctor, Tereza recommended various hotels close to the surgery. We booked the flights and accommodation ready. Once we arrived at the airport we couldn't find the rep picking us up, so got a taxi. 5 minutes after we left the airport we received a call from the rep asking where we were so we'd unluckily not found each other. We were put at ease from this call, knowing we'd missed each other rather than them not turning up! The next morning we met Tereza at our hotel to go to the clinic. She was a great person and very helpful with anything we wanted to know about Prague. We went to the clinic and my wife had all the blood tests done before her consultation with Dr Kuchar. As my wife had implants done 11 years ago in Thailand they had started going a little mis shaped and needed replacing, hence our visit to Prague. The Dr wasn't particularly helpful and said my wife had a hernia in the left breast implant which needed to be left for 5 years?? This all seemed strange and we thought was not right as they had a lifetime of 10 years. We told Tereza what the Dr said and she was very apologetic about the whole situation and said she'd try to arrange a consultation with another Dr. We said not to worry as it was not her fault and we just thought the Dr didn't want to perform the operation as it involved removing the old implants. We wouldn't recommend this Dr Kuchar. Tereza went away and set up another consultation with Dr Samudovsky who we went along to see and there was no problem and he'd be able to do the operation on my wife. This must've been fate that she ended up with this Dr as the operation went brilliantly and we couldn't be happier with the result. It was in a private clinic which was very clean with a nurse on hand 24 hours always checking my wife was ok.We were leaving for the airport at 3.30am the day after the op and Dr Samudovsky made the effort to make sure everything was ok at such an early time in the morning and Tereza arranged and paid for our transfer to the airport as a good will gesture for us missing our pick up at the airport. Although we encountered a few mishaps on our trip, we'd rate the service from Tereza as 5 Stars from everything she did to arrange things when we were in the UK and during our stay in Prague! Thanks for all your help and we'd highly recommend the company and Tereza to any friends etc that are interested in going to Prague for surgery.

Fatima, UK

Plastic Surgery
August 2016
I would like to thank you for the service you provided in Prague. I...

I would like to thank you for the service you provided in Prague. I was very satisfied with everything and I was delighted meeting your colleague Richard. He was such a nice and friendly guy and I'm honestly grateful from the both of you. I will recommend your service as I am very happy with the outcome of it all. I appreciate it all. My mum was also very satisfied with everything and mentioned she was thankful for you helping her out the the gynachologist. 

Annette, UK

Plastic Surgery
August 2016
Richard made my trip to Prague stress free. Absolutely fantastic...

Richard made my trip to Prague stress free. Absolutely fantastic service, I felt very well looked after. I would highly recommend using the Medical Travel agency. We were accompanied to all appointments, it was so useful to have Richard with us as we don't speak the Czech language.  Lovely guy. The clinic was superb, nurses all lovely and caring, Dr Musilova is very caring and explained everything thoroughly. Would definitely return for any future surgery. Very pleased with my surgery. 

Anne, UK - Permalip

Plastic Surgery
July 2016
I came across this procedure by accident, I had recently other...

I came across this procedure by accident, I had recently other procedure and it made me think about also getting my lips enhanced. Whilst researching fillers I came across the permalip procedure, I really liked the idea that it was permanent & that regular painful & costly top ups would not be needed.

I had breast implants abroad 4 yrs ago and had a really good experience so I started looking at clinics in Europe that offered Permalip.

I chose a clinic in Prague and booked flights & a hotel. 

The clinic was outstanding in every way.

I had a consultation the day before the procedure. I was picked up in a taxi at my hotel & taken to the clinic. My first impressions of the clinic were that it was immaculately clean, modern & welcoming.

A very kind & professional nurse gently took a variety of bloods & checked me over. I then had a consultation with the surgeon during which all my questions were answered, there was no rush. I was given lots of info & consent forms to take away, read & sign. We discussed size, he felt small would be better but I pushed for 5 lower & 4 upper as I was aware that the biggest complaint following this procedure is that the effect is too subtle, he said he had all sizes, togo away and have a think about it & tell him my decision in the morning. 

He explained that I would meet the anaethetist in the morning & that she is a consultant, formerly head of a huge hospital & speaks fluent English.

The following morning I arrived to the clinic at 8am by taxi. The nurse showed me into a private hospital room where there was a gown, stockings & fluffy white slippers laid out for me. She helped me into the gown etc then made me comfortable on the bed. The room was absolutely lovely, a proper hospital bed & room with all the equip but painted lilac with a big soft white duvet on the bed. The hospital gown was crisp, fresh & new as were the slippers.

The anaethetist came in to meet me and she was absolutely lovely, very jolly, professional & reassuring. I explained to her that I was a scaredy cat - literally have no pain threshold, scared of needles etc. This is a little ironic as I'm a trauma nurse in Accident & Emergency. I work in a major trauma centre with a helicopter so Im regularly involved in some of the goriest stuff imaginable - code reds etc as well as day to day stuff like taking bloods, suturing. Im fine doing all these things but literally faint if I have my own bloods taken. I can only compare it to car sickness - if someones driving they are fine but if they're in the back/observing they feel wretched. Anyway the anaethetist was very understanding, she said she wasnt great with pain/needles herself. She explained what would happen (ie she would put a cannula then admininster anaesthetic) The nurse gave me a pre med, then I had a nice little mini snooze on my bed. Shortly after I was taken to the operating room, everyone was so nice & reassuring, the surgeon gave my hand a little squeeze & smiled. The anaethetist was chatty & smiling, asked me if it felt odd being a patient (which it did!) They then put the cannula in & administered the anaesthetic. I don't remember anything after that until I woke up in the room with avery sweet nurse looking after me. 

I had a bag of hartmans infusing through my cannula, she also administered pain relief intravenously. She regularly put cold compresses which was so nice as I just dozed. My pain and comfort was so well managed. The nurse looked after me in my private room for 5 hours post op, helping me to the toilet, giving me water & topping up my pain relief. She was an absolute angel. She even dressed me when it was time to go & called me a cab. I had no pain, no bruising & minimal swelling and I can only put this down to the outstanding care I received.

I'll pop some photos up, I had the procedure on Thurs at 8am its now Sunday afternoon. I have no bruising, minimal swelling & my lips are starting to look gorgeous.

The only thing I would say is the cost worked out quite expensive in the end. I was quoted £2000 to have the procedure done by Dr NG in Harley Street. I paid 1500 euro in Prague, which once flights & hotel etc were added came to almost the same. However I had a few fabulous days in Prague, went on river cruises & saw The Proms - also the level of care - consultant anaethetist, private room, private nurse, all the meds - was simply outstanding.


Dr Samudovsky - Outstanding. The Nurse, the Anaethetist & the Surgeon were all professional, warm & gentle. Wonderful care.



Gary, UK

Plastic Surgery
June 2016
Yes all went well with the procedure but I didn't enjoy being awake...

Yes all went well with the procedure but I didn't enjoy being awake for it, I would recommend a general anaesthetic to others. I think being picked up from the airport and you meeting me the next morning really helps take the stress away whenarriving in another country and not knowing where you need to go so definitely keep this up. After the operation you just want to lie down and relax so for me to have to walk through Prague to my hotel especially while my eyes were streaming was frustrating so I think a night in the hospital would be a really good idea. I found the hospital immaculately clean, and all the staff there very professional and friendly. It was very important that I understood the staff at the hospital so the fact that they spoke good English was great. Dr Vasek explained things very thoroughly to me but I wasn't expecting to be so swollen and bruised as I am so I think this is something that could be explained too so people don't worry if it happens. So I would definitely recommend your company and the hospital to others. Obviously it's too early to say how well the procedure has worked but I will keep you posted.  Thank you for all your help and your quick responses to my many emails.