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Lisa, UK

Plastic Surgery
July 2014
I contacted Medical Travel after less than positive responses from...

I contacted Medical Travel after less than positive responses from other providers in the UK. From the first contact of asking whether a tummy tuck was possible to the final results of having the operation, the service has been exceptional. Martina gave me choices of clinics with prices, and also her recommendations. She provided all the information so that I could make an informed decision.

Martina arranged for me to be collected from the airport and I stayed in a small hotel near by. Prague is a beautiful city with lots to see and do. I'm glad I took a couple of days to look around and relax. As my husband was unable to travel at the last minute, Martina offered to come with me for the pre tests which helped settled my nerves. Everyone at the clinic was lovely, very friendly and answered all my questions that I had.

The day of the operation, yet again Martina offered to come with me for moral support but I decided to go by myself, and was well looked after. The clinic is spotless and modern. The staff friendly and supportive. I felt very much like a pampered princess, where nothing was too much trouble. The operation went smoothly and I was supplied with everything i need for a full recovery.

I would highly recommend both Medical Travel and the Clinic and would happily be contacted if anyone has any questions. 

Janet, UK, Eyelids -

Plastic Surgery
July 2014
I have had my eye bags removed a week ago and already I am really...

I have had my eye bags removed a week ago and already I am really pleased with the results. I spent a long time researching who to go to and I am so pleased with the choice that I made. The whole process went very smoothly due to the help of Martina.

The arrangements were easy to make and Martina was quick and efficient at getting everything organised. Any anxieties I had on the day were soon gone because of Martina's reassurance and the fantastic team at the clinic. I feel that I have had five star treatment and would not hesitate to recommend Medical travel or the clinic.

A great big thank you to everyone for your professionalism, reassurance and top quality service.

I hope this is ok. I would like to thank you for all that you have done because without your help this could have been a very stressful process especially trying to fit it into my summer holidays. I am still swollen but the results are looking good, so if I do decide I would like anything else done in the future, you will be the top of my list!

Thanks again.

Kelly, UK

Plastic Surgery
July 2014
Planning, research and making the final decision to have liposuction...

Planning, research and making the final decision to have liposuction was quite daunting and travelling alone to a country I have not been to before and putting my trust in people I had never met petrified me. I made the best decision. From the beginning the team at Medical Travel were quick to respond to my enquiries, were very knowledgeable, and provided all the details I would need to make my stay run as smoothly as possible. I was collected from the airport and taken straight to my hotel. Jana collected me first thing in the morning and took me to the Clinic. The clinic is very modern and clean. The staff were very welcoming and friendly which immediately put me at ease and everyone spoke English.  The pre op assessments were very thorough and my surgeon Dr Vasek was very professional and gave me excellent advice and recommendations, not just for the surgery but lifestyle changes that would assist me long term. I chose to have a general anaesthetic as I was having 6 areas targeted. My room was very comfortable and the nurses provided excellent treatment. The surgery was straight forward with no complications. When I came around my compression garment was already fitted. The only slight complaint would be that you only get one garment and you definitely need two due to washing and changes. I decided to buy a second but my size and garment style were out of stock and the company that provided them were on holiday so I left with only one. Before I left I was given information regarding aftercare and medication. I chose to buy additional medication to aid a faster recovery as I am going away on holiday in 4 weeks. I am now 5 days post op and the bruising on my hips has already started to turn yellow. The swelling has eased slightly and the small wounds are healing (be prepared you WILL leak) I can already see a major change in my body shape and can't wait to see the final results. I am very happy with my overall experience with Medical Travel and Clinic and would not hesitate to use them in the future. 

Judy, UK

Plastic Surgery
June 2014
What started off as a stressful start to my trip, having missed my...

What started off as a stressful start to my trip, having missed my flight, was gradually ameliorated by the overall enjoyable stay & experience I had in Prague.

Firstly, the operation went smoothly and the extremely helpful post-op services rendered by the Clinic team made the recovery process much less intimidating than I originally expected.

Dr Petr Vasek was very friendly and patient, and so were all his staff members!
I would definitely recommend Clinic to anyone seeking First-Class treatment from a World-Class professional at a very affordable rate. Plus, getting affordable accommodation near the clinic is easy, with several choices to choose from.

Secondly, Prague is indeed a beautiful city to explore, with plenty of medieval old-towns, castles/palaces to visit and I was immensely drawn to the St Wenceslas Statue near the clinic. I would most certainly consider returning to Clinic in future should I see the need for further touch-ups.

Lastly, thanks so much Anna for helping me liaise with the clinic when I was in a limbo after missing my flight!
I guess, without your help, I might not have been able to make it to Prague on that date at all!  Thanks lots!

Eliina, UK

Plastic Surgery
June 2014
I am very pleased with your surgery, I had rhinoplasty and everything...

I am very pleased with your surgery, I had rhinoplasty and everything went well, quickly and comfortable way. All people were very nice,
polite and professional. My nose looks a lot different and better, its still a little bit swollen, but I hope it goes away soon. Doctor talked everything how I should take care of it later and calmed me down because I was very anxious. I have asthma and hayfever, but anaesthesia went well without any problems.I hope my nose appearance gets better with time and sensitivity goes away.

Belinda, Australia

IVF Egg Donation
May 2014
After more than 4 years of trying to fall pregnant, with 6 failed IUI...

After more than 4 years of trying to fall pregnant, with 6 failed IUI's and 6 failed IVF's, we decided to attempt an IVF using donor eggs. From the very beginning the staff were extremely professional and attentive to our needs, concerns and questions. Dr Mrazek  was very reassuring during our Skype consultation and within the month we were given a choice between 5 donors. The medication arrived in the post and we began or preparation. Of course I was very nervous that everything was progressing normally and so sent many emails to Martina who related to me on a very personal level and provided me with all of the information and reassurance that I needed. Her response was quick and immediate considering we were often communicating outside regular office hours. Once in Prague we were able to relax and thoroughly enjoy everything that is beautiful about the city. Unfortunately our protocol was delayed and I had to extend my stay by 5 days but we managed to make transfer with 2 top quality Day 5 blastocysts and have frozen 4 blastocysts. This is a stark improvement on anything we have managed using our own eggs. We are astounded by the results and are so grateful to our donor for providing such a selfless act of kindness. We must now endure the dreaded 2 week wait however we would highly recommend the services of Gynem Clinic to anyone in a similar situation. We feel as though we have been treated with the greatest professionalism and regard.  

Olena and Dave, UK

IVF Egg Donation
May 2014
Would like to say a big thank you to all the staff of Gynem Fertility...

Would like to say a big thank you to all the staff of Gynem Fertility Clinic and Medical Travel  for all their help and support in making our dream come true.

Everything from the very start, like supplying us with a list of hotels near the clinc, arranging for  us to be picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel, which was so nice and a pleasurable experience as this was our first time in Prague and we would have been unsure how to get from the airport to our hotel.

As IVF is such an amazing and emotional experience it was so gratifying that all the staff at the clinic were so friendly and approachable throughout the whole process. We built up a good relationship with them on our first visit which made things a lot easier to come back for the second step of the treatment. They appear to really care for you and for your own personal success.

The Gynem fascility is very impressive. It is a new and modern building giving the impression of  a scientific and professional environment. It is easy to get there as the public transport in the city is very good. One ticket will allow you to travel on all three of the main forms of public transport, the Metro, trams and busses. From the Kobylisy Metro station a number 162 or 169 bus will take you there. The bus stop is only a few 100 meters from the clinic.

We were  told to enjoy our “ holiday “ while we were there and were given a list of all the historic and famous places to visit. Prague will make you speechless !!!
We would recommend anyone thinking of IVF treatment to consider going there where they will find a very warm welcome and treatment at a really affordable price.

Update 8/2014 - Ultrasound scan of baby 

Nazia, UK

Plastic Surgery
April 2014
I have had a wonderful experience in Prague, the staff at the clinic...

I have had a wonderful experience in Prague, the staff at the clinic have been extremely fabulous and have looked after very well, jana my assistant has been fantastic, love her!
I am still in the clinic, but far as am aware the surgery has went well and my surgeon DR Vasek took great care he's excellent A TOP MAN, made me feel safe I felt no worries as we spoke very openly and were clear on everything.

I would definetaly recommend this place a 5 star experience and would love to come back and see all the wonderful staff who made me feel at home.

Love this place.

Nikki, UK

Plastic Surgery
April 2014
I would just like to thank you for the very good treatment and...

I would just like to thank you for the very good treatment and communication that I received from your organisation.

From the time I arrived, everyone was more than helpful and put my mind at rest. The medical staff were very efficient and professional in every way. The clinic was spotlessly clean and my room was very comfortable. All the staff spoke English and were in attendance 24/7. I would definitely recommend them.

I have been in communication with Martina for a few weeks prior to my surgery and she was wonderful. She helped me with the Clinic, pick-up etc., And was a joy to meet and a comfort to me at the Clinic.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is seeking surgery in Prague.

Thank you all again.


Miana, Germany

IVF Egg Donation
April 2014
The clinic is not far from Dresden, just 2 hours to drive by car....

The clinic is not far from Dresden, just 2 hours to drive by car. After an extremely expensive, not fair and traumatising treatment done in Germany in august 2012 with the best quoted Professor at that time, I found the clinic in Prague and I was impressed from the very first phone call, about the professional approach and no waiting or wasting time and money. The Clinic is way better, clean and modern than any other clinic I ever seen in Germany and in England. The personal is very friendly but the most important is the experienced and kind doctor Mrazek. His work is accurate, he takes all the time you need to make you feel comfortable and to make the very stressing time of an IVF treatment as smooth as possible. During the treatment I have seen always the same doctor, he was always available for me, including Sundays and an International representative who speaks German and English was also always at my disposal. Also the embryologist, explains very clear what happens, how everything works, and knew  how to keep me positive during the long days of waiting for the Embryo-labour-results. A big help was also to receive all the medicaments direct from the clinic. Another important positive factor for me it was that all the medicaments are provided from the clinic, price is minimum 3 times cheaper than in Germany. In this clinic you feel as a Patient that the people really care about you and not just about your money. 

Julie, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2014
I am from England and went to the clinic in Prague for laser...

I am from England and went to the clinic in Prague for laser treatment. My liaison was Richard who helped me to organise my procedure. I saved myself a lot of money and had a city break at the same time. I would definitely recommend the clinic.

Dorte, Germany

IVF Egg Donation
February 2014
We were very satisfied with the treatment we got at the Clinique. The...

We were very satisfied with the treatment we got at the Clinique. The personal were extremely friendly and everything was handled in a professional manner, where we felt both welcome and also well informed about everything. The physical surroundings in the Clinique are of a very high standard. 

Raj, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2014
I visited the Perfect Clinic in Prague through Medical Travel. The...

I visited the Perfect Clinic in Prague through Medical Travel. The procedure I had carried out was a male breast reduction (removal of excess skin after weight loss) and liposuction of the hips. The male breast reduction is not a very common procedure so finding the correct doctor with the relevant experience was important.

My contact at Medical Travel was Jana who was brilliant, she was understanding, answered all questions promptly and very friendly with well spoken English. I decided to go with Dr Pros at the Prefect Clinic having read previous reviews and doing my own research and I liked the fact that he had also worked in the UK.

On my arrival to Prague I was picked up with a pre arranged taxi and taken to my hotel were I was later greeted by Jana and together we went to the clinic for my consultation. The clinic was clean and modern. Dr Pros was polite and understood my situation and together we discussed options until I was happy with the procedure. The next day was the surgery were I arrived at the clinic at 8am and went for pre op test i.e. blood test, ECG etc The surgery itself went smoothly and when I woke up there was very little pain.

The staff at the clinic were brilliant, they looked after me very well and the food was much better then expected. I only stayed at the clinic for one night but I recommend taking books, a laptop etc with you to pass the time as this was the hardest part.

It has only been 3 weeks since my surgery but so far I'm pleased with the results and hopefully once the swelling has gone it will look even better. Overall I recommend using Medical Travel and Perfect Clinic. 

Michael, UK

Plastic Surgery
February 2014
Everything was perfect! thank you very much!

Everything was perfect! thank you very much!

Laura, UK

IVF Egg Donation
January 2014
I was nervous about undergoing fertility treatment in another country...

I was nervous about undergoing fertility treatment in another country. From the initial enquiry I received prompt feedback to all questions and had a Skype consultation with the doctor which was really helpful. We were matched up quickly to a suitable donor & received all medication in the post. Any questions I had were responded to by the representative, Martina, in a timely manner. Anything she didn't know & needed medical input she took away and got the right answers. When the time came to go to Prague we were picked up at the airport & taken to our hotel which was great being in a strange city! Martina collected us at the hotel the next day to go to the clinic. Very impressed with the facility itself - brand new & pristine! This was another worry before we got there but we were reassured once we saw it. We met with Dr Mrazek at the clinic & he was extremely nice. We also met the embryologist who gave us an overview of the blood test results they had taken from my husband. All the staff speak good English so there wasn't a communication issue. We returned home & Martina kept me up-to-speed with how the fertilisation process was going & we had 2 good blastocysts for transfer & 2 to freeze which we were delighted with! The transfer took place 5 days later & I flew home the next day. It was a difficult decision to make to proceed with an egg donor due to failed ivf cycles with my own eggs but I wanted to have a child & felt this was the best opportunity for us. I am currently in the 2 week wait & feel confident & hopeful that it will work. I would recommend anyone in a similar situation to do this, the service was excellent & the staff efficient & knowledgeable. Thank you to all involved in the program.

UPDATE 9/2014 Jack, was born on 23rd September

Gillian, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
As for Medical Travel I would like to say that I am so grateful to...

As for Medical Travel

I would like to say that I am so grateful to you and your company for arranging everything for me with the clinic in Prague. I liked the fact that I only had to deal with you and you did all the running around and arranging for me, I also liked the fact that you gave me three options of clinics, prices, and doctors so I could do further research and make an informed decision.

The airport transfer to our accommodation was excellent and made the journey stress free, also the advice on very convenient accommodation was great, as was the fact that you met me on the morning of the surgery at our accommodation, to take me to the clinic, even though it was 7.30am.

As for the Clinic

From the initial contact with the clinic, they have been professional and outstanding. From the initial tests through the two surgeries, everyone was supportive, helpful and kind. Throughout my three night stay at the clinic I was treated excellently by all the staff, the nurses were very attentive and supportive, and the Night nurses were especially reassuring, Even the reception staff were excellent and very informative and welcoming. The clinic is lovely, very clean and well run, and the location is excellent. My partner was also made to feel very welcome when visiting me and was treated excellently. The overall experience outweighed my expectations, and Prague is such a lovely city I even managed to sightsee a little. I am so impressed with the clinic I would have no hesitation in recommending your clinic.

Thank you once again Richard for making the whole process hassle free and smooth running.

Matthew, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
I’ve wanted Gynecomastia surgery for years and I finally plucked up...

I’ve wanted Gynecomastia surgery for years and I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead with the operation. After months of researching my options I finally decided to use Medical Travel Czech. I was slightly nervous about getting surgery abroad because I am from the UK, I asked a lot of questions firstly by email, all to which were answered by Richard in a very professionally and timely manner, this gave me a lot a confidence in their service and alleviated a lot of concern.

The next step was to pay a small deposit (€400) by bank transfer and complete a health application form so they understand any existing problems; the deposit was to guarantee my date in the clinic. The overall operation cost €1775 (under £1500) – I had quotes in UK of over £4500! So you do the maths. This price included airport pickup, one night stay in hotel plus breakfast and dinner the next day, plus your medication post-surgery and the compression garment. Richard from Medical Travel recommended a new clinic and provided me with the clinic details and the website so I could view myself.

When I arrived in Prague Medical Travel the taxi was there on time and took me straight to the clinic. Upon arriving in the clinic I could immediately see it was very modern and clean, the manager Maria was very helpful and spoke very good English, she helped me with my forms and made me feel comfortable. I found all staff were very friendly, helpful and informative which really helps you to relax.

I then met the head nurse Jana, who conducted the pre-operative tests, again she was very friendly and spoke English, she talked me through what she was doing and everything was carried out in a professional manner. The room I stayed in was modern and clean, you have a wardrobe with a key to lock away valuables but luckily I didn’t have to share a room so it wasn’t required, I had my own shower room and toilet which comes in handy.

I was then given some “sexy” stockings and underpants to wear before the surgery by Olga one of the nurses, we had a little giggle over the funny clothing but its required for surgery. I then met the anaesthetist and Dr who both gave me info about the surgery and asked if I had any questions, also met another Doctor who went through my questionnaire with me, to ensure everything I had answered was understood.  Again, they were all very friendly, professional and informative.

After the surgery I remember Eva coming in every so often to check my blood pressure and to feed me medication, this also made me feel like I was being treated professionally, frequent visits were made to check to see how I was.

The morning after Olga came in and took readings and measured blood pressure and gave me meds etc, she really looked after me that day, she brought me breakfast, dinner (meals were great) and kept asking if I wanted a drink throughout the day, she even brought me in a little portable DVD player which was lovely because you are on your own for quite some time. So Olga, if you are reading thank you very much for looking after me!

So finally my time in the clinic was coming to an end, Dr met with me again and asked how I was doing and answered all my questions, he took the bandages off to show me the results, I could instantly see the difference and I was VERY pleased, the cut had been done following the circumference of my nipple so when it heals it will be barely noticeable, Dr explained how to treat my wounds and how to leave the stitches alone and how to take the meds, we shook hands smiling and he left.

Olga then came in and said goodbye and gave me a little pack which included instructions of frequency of medications and what to do with the bandages and strips etc, she even helped me pack my bag (bless her) and before leaving Maria asked me to write in their book and offered to get me a taxi whilst we finished off with the paperwork.

Overall my experience was fantastic, I was really nervous at first but the whole process worked seamlessly and I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. The whole team were fantastic and I highly recommend the clinic and the Medical Travel Czech group for helping succeed in my life changing procedure.

Thank you Richard Kvech for arranging my trip and thank you Dr and the clinic staff for changing my life!

Belinda, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
I am fantastic. Love my eyes an A star service totally recommended....

I am fantastic. Love my eyes an A star service totally recommended. Surgery was perfect. Thank you!

Jane, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014
I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after me so well....

I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after me so well.  The whole experience from beginning to end was fantastic and I felt very well looked after throughout the entire process. Of course I was reluctant to go abroad for surgery at first, but having spoken to Richard, my fears were very quickly put to rest as he dealt with me patiently and knowledgeably, and this was reflected in the care and attention I received from the staff at the clinic I selected.

I am extremely happy with the result of the procedure and would not hesitate in recommending Medical Travel in the future. I would even go so far as to say the whole experience was better, cheaper, more efficient than treatment I received in the UK 7 years ago.  If you are considering travelling abroad for any kind of surgery, this is my genuine opinion and recommendation.  As an aside, while there, we rented a lovely flat and were able to work easily and visit many lovely restaurants, so we had a really nice holiday as well.  Thank to you to the team and I wish you all the best.

Karen, UK

IVF Egg Donation
December 2013
Just wanted to let you know I had a baby girl on 2nd December...

Just wanted to let you know I had a baby girl on 2nd December weighing 9.8 pounds. She is beautiful. The whole process was good. It worked! I'd had two failed IVF in England, so I am very happy. Thank you for everything.