May 2014

Choosing the right donor

In your fertility treatment journey towards a family, you will find that state-of-the-art clinics such as Gynem Fertility clinic in Prague have extensive databases of donors that want to help loving couples become parents.

Here are some things to look for when choosing the right egg donor:

Physical Characteristics 

Find someone who has similar colouring, height and other characteristics to the mother or family.


Medical History

Clinics will examine their donors extensively for any health issues, including their family’s medical history. But it’s still important to know if there are any factors in the male’s medical history that can affect the child’s health. For example if the male parent carries the gene for a specific genetic disease, a donor who may also be a carrier should be avoided.



You will be given some information about the donors hobbies and interests, choose someone who you can imagine being friends with.


Blood Type

Although it is possible for you to receive a donation from different blood types, you may want to consider finding a donor that has a blood type that is a possible combination of the mother and father’s type. This allows you to donate blood to your child if ever necessary and provides your family with more privacy.


Go With Your Gut Feeling

In the end it’s important for you to find someone who, for whatever reason, you feel comfortable with. If you have a voilà moment, even if the donor doesn’t match all of your other requirements, you should take her into consideration. Most couples are happiest when they select a donor that ‘feels right’, so follow your checklist loosely and listen to your instincts!


It’s best to start your search by asking your clinic to help you find a group of donors that have similar physical characteristics to your family. Candidates can then be narrowed down by medical history, personality and blood type to a few that you can select from. Don’t be shy to ask for help from your clinic about helping you with narrowing down your list of candidates based on medical factors - after all, they are the experts! It’s important to remember that everyone’s selection process is unique and at the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to choosing the right donor.