November 2021

TTC Gifts for Him and Her this Winter

Trying to conceive around the holiday season this winter is a great way to celebrate you and your partner, so get off on the right foot by considering a few of these wrapable and unwrappable gift ideas to both commence and facilitate the occasion.


A menstrual cup or disk


Pads and tampons are on the way out of the feminine hygiene industry amidst a plunderous revolution that is now led by medical-grade silicone menstrual cup and washable period underwear producers. You can hit two birds with one stone this season by purchasing a cup or menstrual disk for your partner, like those produced by LUMMA for example. They not only work for periods but just as well for baby-making, because ditching those plastic pads and bleached cotton tampons means that your partner won’t risk drying out the vaginal wall at the time in which she’s most fertile, she’ll avoid accidental exposure to pesticides and contaminants and, if she inserts a disk or cup after climaxing, your sperm can be held in place close to the cervix in an ideal environment.[1][2][3] 

For best results, encourage your partner to insert the cup or disk in straight away after she’s climaxed so that her pelvic muscles have pushed as much sperm as close to the entry of the cervix as possible. With a menstrual disk, you could even ejaculate into it, then insert it and have sex with it inside for up to 12 hours. 



Focus on the big “O”


Setting a mood plays a large part in baby-making but finding a healthy medium between achieving regular sex and stimulating romance will be a gift you can readily establish during the holiday season. No need to spend loads of hard-earned cash this year on a hotel or spa getaway for only one weekend of relaxation when you can pump up your sex life at home. Save that cash and spend your sperm. Generally, the small habits you can build to maintain a regular sex life in a stimulating, yet comfortable, setting will benefit you both far more than experiencing one weekend of bliss when most of the others tend to be filled with stress.

Afterall, creating healthy sperm follows the same “use it or lose it” principal as language learning. Researchers have seen that actively ejaculating once or twice a week maintains healthier levels of sperm quality and production, so best to put more emphasis on stimulating a regular sex life than one that’s extraordinary but sporadic.[4] 


Hire help or give a gift card to ease stress


Does laundry lead to arguments or eat up time you might otherwise use for sex? Maybe hire someone to occasionally come in and tidy up. Do you both get stressed at the end of the week over preparing dinner? Order a healthy, vegan meal and go for a run or mutual work out. By this time, you must have noticed a situation or two that encouraged stress-relief and helped your sex life. Act on it and feel good about amplifying what brings you joy.

At our IVF clinic, we focus on happy baby-making and give you expert advice with less financial stress. We are located in central Europe and therefore take steps to ensure that our foreign visitors ease into a traveler’s experience meanwhile discussing fertility results and treatment options.