Boglarka, HUN

IVF Egg Donation
August 2018

We are so so happy to share with you our happiest news ever! - what we are waiting for so long - that I am pregnant! Yes! And this is confirmed! First we did our house test on Friday morning, which has already gave a positive result! Than every morning till today, which showed the sign of the HCG hormon! Tuesday morning I went to see my gynecologist who also confirmed my miracle! First the ultrasound showed the gestational sac and the thick endometrial. The embryo took a perfect place to implant! It was so wonderful to see on the screen! Later I got my blood test result which gave 2297mlU/ml! Woow! My doctor said it is nice high, so I asked maybe am I having twins! He said no.... but maybe?

Oh Jana, even if one or two little one, we are so glad and grateful to visited you and your clinic! I can not say thank you enough to give me this opportunity to know that I am able to have a chance to be pregnant! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Of course I will be careful and I continue to take my medicines. Please give our best regards to all of your staff who was part of our treatment and tell them how happy we are that we visited your clinic!

We will definitely keep you updated! We hope you are doing fine and we wish you more and more successful stories! Have a wonderful week!