Carmen, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2018

My IVF Gynem experience



It took me a very long time to decide what clinic to go because of how expensive IVF is but mostly about how much we want to be successful with a qualified doctor. Also based in the UK, IVF is so expensive and not affordable for us. I looked at 3 countries before I made the decision, I looked at Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic in Prague. I discounted Poland because of the lack of communication from the most popular clinics. I then focused on Turkey and Prague, after reading reviews, success rates and looking at Facebook groups, I discounted Turkey, and this was mainly because I needed to be able to fly home for work when needed. Prague had 2 hour flights every day so that was great.

It was hard to finally decide on a clinic to use. We chose Gynem because there was no waiting lists, no horror stories, had a good success rate and mostly because of Jana's ability to answer all and every single one of my questions within hours of my emails. I mostly appreciated that she was honest and consulted the doctor whenever i had any medical questions. 




The best thing about being with Gynem was that my international coordinator Jana. She was the first person i spoke to on the online chat and she was the ONLY person who was assigned to me and i loved that! I never had to discuss my fertility issues twice, or send my documents over more than once. Jana was so quick at replying to my emails i sometimes missed reading new ones because i assumed they were old (we had a good thread going).  

Another thing i loved about the clinic is that Jana organised everything for me, i flew to and from Prague 4 times (my choice), this was because  i have a toddler at home and wanted to be mommy and a sibling hunter at the same time. i was able to be have reliable transport arranged to me from and to the airport and hotel. Of course the hotel recommendations were a massive help.  The best thing about Gynem Clinic is that IT IS SAFE!! i travelled alone, stayed in hotels  alone and completely worry free. 

During the pre-embryo transfer procedure, the embryologist was so honest and told me what extras i did not need. i love that the clinic is NOT money driven and was not out to rob my husband and i. i wanted Assisted Hatching which would have cost an extra £400 but they were honest in that i didn't need it. They only did procedures that were necessary for us. Also i loved that they practice within the legal parameters and put my health first. I asked for more embryos and they were clear in saying NO it isn't safe and definitely illegal to have (3) i appreciated that as i got something to freeze. They made sure i knew the risks and success likelihood before the transfer and i am grateful for that. 

Honestly, i look forward to continuing to work with Gynem clinic in the hope of completing our family. I am currently in the two week wait (so anxious and want that positive pregnancy test). I have nothing negative to say about the clinic. It’s clear, professional and have very very friendly stuff. Oh yes must mention that great little kids play area in reception, my son loved it. Thanks so much Jana for making a very lonely and stressful experience so easily and uncomplicated. We are very grateful to you.