Daisy, Swiss

IVF Egg Donation
August 2018

What did you like about working with us?

-        The best part for me was the allocation a dedicated contact person who worked with me throughout the process. How she took my case personally and the constant communication, explanation, guidance and personalization. This was amazing! Martina was amazing, I just loved her!

-        The full explanation of every step involved. There are a lot of steps involved that can easily confuse new comers. But this was in full and as I went along.

-        I liked the openness of fee structures with no surprise or unanticipated costs, which assisted me in planning appropriately

-        The great customer services and politeness of  all staff involved.


Anything that you would change?

-        I did not enjoy administering the 75ml of menupor. The 1,200 and the 600mls are much more manageable.


Overall I thank you for this opportunity. For giving me hope again and for taking this emotional journey with me. I am looking forward to good news!