Gareth & Ciara Jones, Ireland

IVF Egg Donation
November 2017

Coming from Ireland, We were hesitant about travelling abroad for fertility treatment, but after a lot of online searching we found GYNEM, their prices, success rate are so much better than doing this at home. From first contact with Gynem, we were given an overseas co-ordinator who helps with everything that is needed to fly to Prague for IVF. Ours was Zita Strakova, she was amazing and helped us from start to finish, she made us feel comfortable about travelling abroad, she keeps you completely up to date with all that goes on from egg retrieval to implantation etc. I could not fault the staff/Doctors at Gynem they were lovely people and their English was great, which was a worry of ours from the outset. We are home now and waiting for hopefully good news in the next couple of weeks, thank you Zita and the Gynem staff for everything you done for us at this stressful time of our lives and making it less stressful.. 

Best wishes and Kind regards.

Speak to you soon with good news hopefully..