Jennifer, USA

IVF Egg Donation
October 2017

I wanted to express how wonderful, accommodating, and kind Gynem clinic and staff have been.

It is a difficult journey for some of us in the quest for motherhood.  It is also really hard to work in the travel across an ocean to another country in the effort to have a baby and grow a family.  You have been a real asset in making us feel comfortable and most important, fitting the egg donor and IVF into the tight schedules of our life.  You made it happen in the window of time we had.

While, I did not have a positive on my 1st try, you and Gynem have been there for me and ready to help me prepare for and schedule my next try with FET.  We were blessed to have 2 embryos to freeze.  I am praying for success.  The embryologist watched our blastocysts develop and we were blessed to have some good ones! Now, if they would just attach!!

I fully recommend Gynem and their staff.  The clinic is modern, comfortable, and of course, a very clean medical facility. I hope to follow this up with a happy report in the next few months - Fingers crossed and prayers out to the universe and heavens ;)

Thank you, Jana, for guiding us through this process.