Stephanie, USA

IVF Egg Donation
August 2013

As far as feedback about Medical Travel Czech Republic, our overall experience was good. We loved Prague. It was such a beautiful place and very enjoyable to visit. I would recommend to anyone traveling to Prague to research the transportation system.  It was very easy and convenient once we got it figured out. It was great having someone to greet us at the airport and take us to our hotel on our first visit.  After a long trip no one wants to worry about how to get to the hotel.  It was also very helpful having you accompany us to our first visit to the clinic. It is so amazing that the opportunity exists to afford treatment in your country when it is too expensive in the United States. I would recommend the clinic provide a better way to communicate and I would recommend anything that would increase the support of these women when traveling. Thank you for caring enough to get my feedback.  We did appreciate your services.