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It is always wise to check the experiences of other clients when using any service. So, whichever procedure you're interested in, plastic surgery, artificial insemination, weight loss surgery, check this page to read the often very detailed comments of people from around the globe, who've come to us to have their wishes fulfilled.

Lara, UK

IVF Egg Donation
December 2018
I’ve been up since 5am, local time here. I have been convinced I’m...

I’ve been up since 5am, local time here. I have been convinced I’m not pregnant and was already preparing myself mentally for our next (5th) round in IVF but I don’t have to (I hope)...I AM PREGNANT! I am so overjoyed! Words cannot describe how I feel right now. I just can’t believe it! 

Thank you! Thank you Martina for all of your support and assistance in helping us get to here. I stressed that I wanted this to happen quickly and you made sure it did. The whole experience and process have been a top class service for us. All at Gynem we’re fantastic and you especially, have given a brilliant service. I really can’t thank you enough.

In these last 2 weeks, I kept on having flashbacks to when one of the ladies came out of the procedure room to talk to me and she said, ‘it’ll be a good Christmas present’. I smiled and got excited and since then kept on thinking, ‘please, please’. It is the best Christmas present!

Thank you again to you and all at Gynem! I couldn’t recommend you highly enough.

Neuza, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2018
I liked everything. You've given your availability in answering...

I liked everything. You've given your availability in answering emails and attention. No doubt it turned out to be an experience because I had never travelled to another country alone. In the clinic all many friendly. The nurse who took my blood she is so sweet and the girl who gave me the bandage after the surgery too. The doctor is also very nice and simple. Good clinic with good conditions. Great price for my lipo, would not change anything. Loved my stay in Prague clean and safe city had no problem. l returned well to London and l sill have had a great recovery. Thank you! 

Richard, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2018
So far, although only a week later I am happy with the results,...

So far, although only a week later I am happy with the results, although I was a little bit worried, I was able to return to the clinic to be reassured. Hopefully, everything will heal as it should in time.
Jessica was really helpful and thoughtful in arranging my visit to the clinic and my accommodation in Prague. I really loved the quick tour she was able to give me any pointers for things to do. The surgery was very smooth and professional. My hotel was great and very close to the clinic, however very difficult for taxi access, but perhaps for someone with a proper in-house restaurant may mean they can recover without having to walk around. Transport is good in the city but after a procedure, it is not ideal.

Jessica again wisely warned me of traffic rush hour times that can delay transit to and from the airport. I realise this can depend on the co-ordinators personal commitments but in an ideal world I would meet the person I have arranged with at the airport! She spoke such good English and had a great manner for me this would have been ideal, and of course to say goodbye.

Anita, Norway

Plastic Surgery
December 2018
So far, I'm extremely happy. I have no idea how the surgery will turn...

So far, I'm extremely happy. I have no idea how the surgery will turn out as my face is very swollen but the way I've been treated and looked after has been exceptional. The last thing I heard in the operating theatre before becoming unconscious was Elvis Presley playing loudly on the radio. Ha! Not conventional but I enjoyed that a lot! When the nurse and anesthesiologist where wheeling another patient into my room after her surgery, I heard them singing 'We are the Champions' and 'Barbie Girl'. They obviously enjoy their work. I really enjoyed the vibe in the clinic. All the staff were attentive and professional!

I wanted to extend my stay at Capital Apartments but they were fully booked. They went out of their way to find me another place to stay. Super appreciative of all the wonderful people I've met. I have a feeling I'll be back again!

Suzi, Isle of Man

Weight loss procedures
December 2018
The whole team were awesome, kind and wonderful. I would definitely...

The whole team were awesome, kind and wonderful. I would definitely recommend Czech travel medical to anyone.

It was lovely to meet you. Thanks for your support. All the best, Suzi

Sonia, Swiss

IVF Egg Donation
December 2018
Me and my wife did IVF treatment for the first time and had no prior...

Me and my wife did IVF treatment for the first time and had no prior experience with IVF or pregnancy, but our coordinator (Janina), doctors, embryologist, nurses, receptionist - they all provided us with great useful information at each step and made us comfortable throughout the entire process.
We did an absolutely free pre-consulting Skype session with their doctor who explained to us the entire process and answered all our doubts and questions. This made our decision to go with Gynem very easy and already put us at comfort.
At our first visit to Prague, we were provided with a free taxi pickup from the airport. And when we arrived at the clinic for the first time, we were greeted by our coordinator Janina with a smile.
It's great pleasure to work with Janina, she answered all our questions and was our single point for contact for any questions whatsoever. She took care of handling our appointments with the doctor, coordinating with the embryologist, donor, labs and everything.
Janina is always willing to help with a smile and was always just a phone call or email away. She was always very responsive and has a great attention to details.
She is very organised and on top of the entire procedure and showed genuine interest in our case.
We can't thank her enough and highly recommend here and the Gynem clinic to anyone looking for IVF procedure. We couldn't have asked for more.
Gynem was quick in finding us a donor matching our criteria and there was no wait whatsoever.
We were always kept informed in a timely manner on the procedure, pricing and progress at each step. Everything worked like a clockwork. There were no long waits, delays, extra costs or any surprises. The procedure went exactly as explained to us and the clinic facilities are to the mart with special attention to details.
We had a great experience with Gynem. I and my wife were taken care of and always felt at comfort with Gynem team.
We can't thank Gynem team enough for making this experience not so stressful for us.
Thanks a lot to the entire team, you guys do a great job every day with such a grace. I highly recommend Gynem and Janina to anyone without a second thought.
Appreciate all your help!

Kirsty, UK

Weight loss procedures
December 2018
Service received was first class and representative Jessica was very...

Service received was first class and representative Jessica was very attentive. I would definitely use service again if needed to travel abroad. Thank you!

Deb, UK

Weight loss procedures
November 2018
When I decided to look into having a gastric balloon, I began by...

When I decided to look into having a gastric balloon, I began by searching the internet.  I looked at the criteria and the cost in the UK.  Quickly dismissing this as an unviable option, I looked at what was available abroad. Medical Travel came up in the searches and everything was simple from there.  The website is clear and gives a good indication of the procedures available and their approximate cost.  It was good to be able to decide on affordability before having to contact the company.

Following my initial expression of interest, I was contacted by Jessica.  Jessica literally took care of everything.  This wasn't easy for her because I had decided to have two procedures while in Prague.  She was able to negotiate dates and prices and work out, with the doctors, the safest and most convenient times to have each procedure during my time-frame.

Jessica kept in touch with me regularly to ensure that she was meeting my needs and that everything was on track.  Nearer the time to travel, she again ensured that we were in contact and that I had all of the information necessary to put my mind at ease.

It was necessary to travel alone and this is where I appreciated Jessica the most.  Picking me up to take me to the clinics and explaining carefully what would happen and being with me while all of the pre-operative tests and examinations took place was simply amazing.  I would have, undoubtedly, felt afraid without her being with me.  Also knowing that I could contact her at any time, put my mind at rest. Jessica checked in with me when I arrived in Prague; following my first procedure; following my second procedure and again on my return home.  This made me feel very safe and looked after.  I know that this is Jessica's job, but I felt genuinely cared about.

While at the Forme Clinic, I mentioned that I'd also be interested in a facelift.  Jessica was able to negotiate a consultation with the surgeon while I was undergoing my other pre-op tests.  I look forward to seeing Jessica again in five or six months time when I return to have my balloon out and my facelift.  She is a superstar.

Ada, Ireland

Plastic Surgery
November 2018
I feel great after a surgery. I'm happy person now. I would like to...

I feel great after a surgery. I'm happy person now. I would like to thank you for assisting me, Dr Benes for a great job and of course all the nurses that were looking after me. My experience was very good and I have to say everything went perfect for me. Thank you!

Fadia, Iran

Plastic Surgery
November 2018
l appreciate all the staff in medical travel they are all very nice...

l appreciate all the staff in medical travel they are all very nice , the doctors is very good, the nurse is so kind & the room is very tied and clean thanks for all of them and you!

Anne, UK

Plastic Surgery
November 2018
My experience on the whole has been a very positive one.  Here are...

My experience on the whole has been a very positive one.  Here are some points:

Jessica from Medical Travel Czech Republic was outstanding.  At all times, throughout the whole process, I felt I was in very capable hands.  Jessica was very thorough, prompt and efficient from start to finish.  She answered all my queries in a timely manner, made lots of suggestions for things to do in Prague and was fantastic liaising with the clinic.  Not only is she very professional, she also has a beautiful fun and friendly manner. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone who wishes to have medical treatment in Prague.

I was very impressed with how my trip was organised.  A taxi met us at the airport, presented us with guide books, which I felt was a lovely touch and brought us directly to our apartment.  Jessica met us at the clinic the following day and escorted us back to the city centre after our initial consultation.  She was in touch with us constantly.  A taxi was also organised to take us back to the airport.  Something we didn't have to worry about.

There were a number of 'organisational' issues with the clinic, however, with the assistance of Jessica, these were resolved to our satisfaction.  The staff at the clinic were lovely, and the facilities were modern and up to date.  My only concern was the lack of English spoken by the nurses.  It was difficult to communicate with them and I was concerned that if something went wrong during the night when the reception staff had left the building, how would you communicate with them.  As I have said, they were really lovely, but their lack of English made basic communication difficult.

It's been less than two weeks since my surgery and I am 'over the moon' with the result.  The surgeon did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend him.  
I intend to undergo further treatment early next year and will definitely use Medical Travel Czech Republic again.

Many thanks for a wonderful experience.

Gerardette, Ireland

Plastic Surgery
November 2018
I am feeling well, and relaxing after my trip to Prague. I am hoping...

I am feeling well, and relaxing after my trip to Prague. I am hoping to return to work in a few days time.

It was a pleasure to meet you Jessica and i dont think the whole experience of travelling to the clinic for surgery would be possible without your professional advice and service.

I was hesitant at the beginning to travel abroad for surgery especially with the language barrier ect, but after my experience i would recommend your services and that off clinic to others, i was overwhelmed by the kindness of the staff, especially the nurse's, their bed side manner was second to none. I think where i to travel next year for further surgery i would extend my time after the surgery and spend more time in the beautiful city of Prague. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the medical team at the clinic for your professional advice and service and to wish you well. Please God i will see you all again in 2019.

Chris, UK

Plastic Surgery
November 2018
Thank you for all of your help, if we choose to have any further...

Thank you for all of your help, if we choose to have any further surgery we would not hesitate to to use Medical Travel  Czech again.

Everything was so simple and streamlined, the communication from yourself was impeccable, everything happened as we were advised it would in the same time scale as said. For two ladies that usually travel with husbands this was a big thing for us, at no time did we have any concerns as everything was explained to us. Many thanks for putting us at ease and making this happen. 

Priscilla, UK

IVF Egg Donation
November 2018
Vivian and I were delighted to pick your clinic. All the aspect of...

Vivian and I were delighted to pick your clinic. All the aspect of the clinic was right to the top standard. Your nurses and your team was excellent and the packaging was convenient and affordable. The Doctor was very attentive ,much more informative than other places. I was indeed satisfied and happy to pick your services. Hopefully I will received good news in few days. Fingers crossed and I will keep you posted. Big thank you to all your team. See you some times.

Carmen, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2018
My IVF Gynem experience   THE RESEARCH: It took me a very long...

My IVF Gynem experience



It took me a very long time to decide what clinic to go because of how expensive IVF is but mostly about how much we want to be successful with a qualified doctor. Also based in the UK, IVF is so expensive and not affordable for us. I looked at 3 countries before I made the decision, I looked at Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic in Prague. I discounted Poland because of the lack of communication from the most popular clinics. I then focused on Turkey and Prague, after reading reviews, success rates and looking at Facebook groups, I discounted Turkey, and this was mainly because I needed to be able to fly home for work when needed. Prague had 2 hour flights every day so that was great.

It was hard to finally decide on a clinic to use. We chose Gynem because there was no waiting lists, no horror stories, had a good success rate and mostly because of Jana's ability to answer all and every single one of my questions within hours of my emails. I mostly appreciated that she was honest and consulted the doctor whenever i had any medical questions. 




The best thing about being with Gynem was that my international coordinator Jana. She was the first person i spoke to on the online chat and she was the ONLY person who was assigned to me and i loved that! I never had to discuss my fertility issues twice, or send my documents over more than once. Jana was so quick at replying to my emails i sometimes missed reading new ones because i assumed they were old (we had a good thread going).  

Another thing i loved about the clinic is that Jana organised everything for me, i flew to and from Prague 4 times (my choice), this was because  i have a toddler at home and wanted to be mommy and a sibling hunter at the same time. i was able to be have reliable transport arranged to me from and to the airport and hotel. Of course the hotel recommendations were a massive help.  The best thing about Gynem Clinic is that IT IS SAFE!! i travelled alone, stayed in hotels  alone and completely worry free. 

During the pre-embryo transfer procedure, the embryologist was so honest and told me what extras i did not need. i love that the clinic is NOT money driven and was not out to rob my husband and i. i wanted Assisted Hatching which would have cost an extra £400 but they were honest in that i didn't need it. They only did procedures that were necessary for us. Also i loved that they practice within the legal parameters and put my health first. I asked for more embryos and they were clear in saying NO it isn't safe and definitely illegal to have (3) i appreciated that as i got something to freeze. They made sure i knew the risks and success likelihood before the transfer and i am grateful for that. 

Honestly, i look forward to continuing to work with Gynem clinic in the hope of completing our family. I am currently in the two week wait (so anxious and want that positive pregnancy test). I have nothing negative to say about the clinic. It’s clear, professional and have very very friendly stuff. Oh yes must mention that great little kids play area in reception, my son loved it. Thanks so much Jana for making a very lonely and stressful experience so easily and uncomplicated. We are very grateful to you.

Daniela, Ireland

IVF Egg Donation
October 2018
We really enjoyed everything. Even though is such an emotional and...

We really enjoyed everything. Even though is such an emotional and stressful time, you and the staff made things easier of us. We appreciated all the questions that were answered, even the tips how to get around, what tram and subway to get. That was awesome. 

I hope so too I can give you good news soon. It’s very hard to keep together. Sometimes I get discouraged and think didn’t work. Other times I am very hopeful. Anyway. Thanks for everything. 


Petra, Holland

Plastic Surgery
October 2018
Many aspects you have to consider when you plan on doing surgery...

Many aspects you have to consider when you plan on doing surgery abroad. For me it was no spontaneous decision and the planing took a lot of time. It was nearly six month until everything fell into place.

Helena and Richard, the two International Client Coordinators I had contact with, stayed with me the whole process and patiently helped me to get everything organised, even though we had challenges and changes in between.

Here a little summary:

- More than every thing the communication was very good. Every question was answered promptly.

- At start of my journey in Prague the taxi driver was very polite and explained a little bit about Prague on my way to the hotel. And more than everything I appreciated the taxi in the morning of my surgery.

- I really appreciated Helena's help when I went to the clinic the first time. She went through with me to all formalities where questions arose. Her presence helped me a lot to get my nervousness in check. I was very thankful that she was there.

- All questions which arose after the surgery she passed on to the doctor. As things did not turn out as expected she helped me to stay in touch with the surgeon. This way we could find a good solution for the problem and again I really felt in good hands.

All in all I can highly recommend Medical Travel Czech Republic when you are planning surgery abroad.

Gemma, UK

Plastic Surgery
October 2018
I’m very well, thank you and hope you are too. I had an...

I’m very well, thank you and hope you are too.

I had an overall fantastic time in Prague (and Czech Republic in general - I had a chance to travel a bit further around after my surgery and visited a lot of different places!) and would like to thank you for your help throughout my stay.

To answer your questions; the main reason I chose Medical Travel was because, even though I had done plenty of research on my own, I had no idea how to choose a surgeon or even describe what I needed - being able to work with you and letting you establish the contacts/ introduce the right surgeon was so much help. Also, as a lone traveller it was very reassuring to have a contact in Prague, should I have needed help with anything (like with the taxi!).

Everybody at Forme was lovely and really helpful - they made the process stress-free and Dr Vasek has done an amazing job, I would highly recommend Medical Travel and Forme clinic to anyone looking to have surgery abroad - it was exactly the help that I needed. Many thanks again and all the best!


Jonna, Holland

Plastic Surgery
October 2018
You are a very good help Helena. I couldnt make the process...

You are a very good help Helena. I couldnt make the process without your knowledge, guidance and help. A million thank you to you. Sorry we didnt have something for you (present) Eindhoven airport police confiscated it from my husband.

Bernadette, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2018
We really liked our whole experience with GYNEM Clinic.  We felt...

We really liked our whole experience with GYNEM Clinic.  We felt really welcome from the first time we walked into the clinic.  We felt that everyone was very professional and caring.  Everybody made an effort to speak in English to us and in fornt of us.

The things we liked the most was how convenient the clinic was to travel to by public transport.  How clean and modern the clinic was.  But the main thing was that we got to deal with one person thoughout the whole jounery, who was so professional and able to answer all our questions no matter how silly they may have been.

The only thing I would like to change is I would have liked my husband to be able to come to theatre during embyro transfer and to be able to come into the recovery ward with me after egg collection.  I think it can also be very stressful for the partners to be sitting around not knowing what is happening. I think sometimes during the whole IVF jounery partners can be forgotten (I don't mean at this clinic I mean in general). Thanks for everything over the last few months!