April 2022

Would Medical Tourism Suit You?

Approximately 780 million people book medical procedures across 96 medical tourism destinations globally, with about 10% of this market filled solely by Americans according to 2019 data.[1][2] Medical tourism in general has been growing between 15-25% yearly, with more and more people realizing they can get both a fantastic travel experience as well as a quality-of-life treatment for less money than they would similarly spend in their own country.[3] When your health coverage fails to kick in for expenses that would otherwise max out your credit cards, looking for a location where your money can go further without compromising the rate of care is a no-brainer. 


Some of the top reasons people travel

Reasons for medical travel span almost every realm of health, despite some preconceptions that in vitro fertilization (IVF) and cosmetic procedures are the primary reasons. While consistently the most popular, people can find clinics providing other procedures related to:

  • cardiovascular health

  • dentistry

  • dermatology

  • weight loss

  • spinal surgery

  • liver and kidney transplant

Additionally, when looking abroad for treatment, it is important to review the qualifications of the surgeons willing to operate on you. Cosmetic surgery clinics in Prague, for example, are up-to-date with the latest technology offered in their field and surgeons must undergo several years of specialist training before they may themselves operate. Many of them also register with the British General Medical Council and are internationally recognized.[4]

medical tourism


If you are looking for weight loss, cosmetic or fertilization assistance

Within the Czech Republic, Medical Travel Czech offers egg donation and surrogacy programs, natural and expanded IVF treatment packages, egg and sperm cryopreservation, genetic testing, hair transplantation as well as plastic surgery, like facelifts, implants and even otoplasty to correct ear symmetry, all while also offering a wide range in body contouring procedures, such as thigh lifts, liposuction and varicose vein treatment. Private cosmetic surgery and dentistry have become extremely competitive within the Czech Republic, which have subsequently contributed to treatment affordability and quality. All more the reason to take Prague seriously as a medical tourist destination.


Why Prague is both overlooked and a unique city to visit

Former Czechoslovakia fell into a communist coup in 1948 and soon developed into a satellite state under heavy political, economic and military influence from Soviet Russia. For history buffs, the nearly 42 year-span of communist totalitarianism, violent Prague Spring protests and later transition back to democracy are the key reasons to visit the Czech capital. Yet they are also reasons why the Czech Republic gets overlooked and stereotyped as an ‘eastern’ European country, which is both false and misleading. Architectural buffs come here and relish the eclectic mix of modern, cubist and renaissance buildings dotting the city and foodies, both vegan and meat-eaters alike, can find satisfaction in a hardy svíčková. If you find yourself in Old Town on a hungry stomach but wanting to dine somewhere with mood, Maitrea could do the trick. Or, to grab a proper split-beer, visit Kantyna nearby Wenceslas Square.

On top of all these wonderful reasons as to why choose Prague for your medical procedure, you might even be pleased to know that a plethora of nearby spa towns, idyllic villages, natural landmarks and chateaux also exist a short distance from the capital city. Interconnecting public transport systems can take you long distances in a short amount of time, making it all the easier to explore this enchanting country.


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