September 2022

Why does hair loss happen to some and not others?

Hair loss is something that impacts many people throughout their lives. Men typically experience hair loss more than women do. Some men seem to lose their hair before they turn thirty-five and other men have a full head of hair into the later years of their life. It is normal to be concerned about hair loss, but hair loss isn’t something to be afraid of. It is possible to treat hair loss if you wish to. 


hair loss


What is male pattern baldness?


Male pattern baldness is a type of hair loss that causes men to lose hair in a specific pattern. The hair usually thins from the temples and recedes into an M-like shape. Hair loss can also begin from the crown of the head and proceed out, this usually leads to complete baldness. Male pattern baldness can begin as early as one’s teenage years. As you age you become more at risk for male pattern baldness. While many things can cause baldness, one hormone in specific has a large impact on male pattern baldness. The level of the male hormone called androgens impacts hair loss. A high level of androgens causes hair to become thin and short. Over time the hair will stop growing and fall out. [1]


Can you predict hair loss?


It is often thought that the genes from your mother’s side control whether you will lose or keep your hair. This is not true, the genes from your mother and your father play a role in the likelihood of losing your hair. There are about 200 different genes that regulate hair growth. The combination of these genes is unique and won’t appear the same in siblings. You may lose your hair, but your brother could never lose his. It is the luck of the genetic lottery. There is a way to test if you are likely to lose your hair. Your doctor can take a swab of DNA from the inside of your cheek and test for how sensitive you are to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone created by testosterone. This swab will show how likely it is you will bald and how quickly you will bald. If you are concerned about hair loss it is a good idea to speak to your doctor and ask for this test. Having more information about hair loss will make the process less intimidating and more predictable. [2]


How to treat hair loss?


There are a few different treatments for hair loss. Many men seek out treatment, and others just decide to embrace their hair loss. There is no right or wrong choice, but whatever you decide you should be informed about the treatment options for hair loss.


Medications to treat hair loss include:

  • Rogaine is a liquid medication that can be applied to the scalp. This medication can slow hair loss and aid hair regrowth.

  • Propecia is another medication for hair loss, this medication is in pill form. This medication can slow hair loss and help hair regrowth. This medication takes months to work, and if it works you need to continue taking it for the benefits.


A hair transplant is another option for treating hair loss. Medical Travel offers this procedure for those who want a more permanent fix. This procedure requires removing hair from a part of the head and transplanting it to a bald spot. The patches of hair will have one or more hairs that are micrografted or mini grafted to the scalp. This procedure will restore bald spots on your head. Hair transplants are a bit uncomfortable, but hospitalization is not necessary. You will be prescribed pain medication to limit any discomfort. This is a great option for those who want a quick and long-term solution to hair loss. [3]