June 2021

5 Awesome Fertility Tracking Apps

Today’s market for fertility tracking has built up a humongous femtech industry predicted to reach 50 billion USD by 2025.[1] With tons of these apps potentially capitalizing on our data, we ought to consider which apps will actually provide a useful service for us. Generally, these include the ones based on the Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABMs) that incorporate basal body temperature (BBT), cervical mucus and the luteinizing hormone (LH) into their statistics. Here are therefore a handful of reputable apps available to us today with real promise and accuracy.



Already 10 years into this industry, Sympto offers a paid app service to download for IOS and Android. Through their certified counselor training account online, you can train to increase your competency in reading your own fertility chart. Back in 2015, this company ranked second highest in accuracy and authority out of 95 apps.[2] If you want to research a bit more about the methods they have implemented, look up Rötzer/NFP Sensiplan.


Natural Cycles

Another company to rank higher in the same 2015 study as previously mentioned, Natural Cycles works off a peer-reviewed proprietary method but is based on the same important factors that lead to accurate predictions. Its algorithm was developed by a nuclear researcher who turned to data to plan her own pregnancy. Her method analyzes temperature readings, sperm survival statistics, temperature fluctuations, cycle length variances and more.[3]



This app boasts its support for privacy by storing any identifiable information separately from sensitive health data, which is an important practice to avoid targeted marketing from occurring at very sensitive moments while you and your partner try to conceive.[4] As a service, clue helps you reach your family planning goals by tracking BBT, medications, cervical data and even connects to other health apps if you would like it to.





As the most discreet of all apps listed here, the Lily iPhone app could suit those that don’t want to accidentally spill the news that they are trying to conceive by sight of an identifiable icon on their phone. The app comes in both free and paid versions, which chart your temperature, cervical fluid quality, love-life details, period flow, mood and even allows you to record interferences that could impact recorded data (like your temperature, for example). With the paid version, you’ll unlock the option to track your cervical position, secondary symptoms, LH and Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) test results as well as have the ability to create a .pdf document to email your physician.[5] 

With all these trackable factors, this app really seems like a one-stop-shop and deal-to-beat.


Lady Cycle

For Android users, Lady Cycle is a worldwide recognized and awarded app that even works for women with irregular cycles. It is available as a free or premium service, plus your personal data will always be stored locally on only your phone. They make it easily accessible without any logins and there won’t be any automatic renewal after 12 months, which is one less thing to worry about.

Trying for a baby may be tricky for some couples but, with a little help, tracking your fertility can serve as that first step down the path. At our fertility clinic, we also offer expertise to accompany fertility tracking and create a tailored plan for your quest towards parenthood.



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