December 2016

Egg Freezing and Natural Time

As life progresses people become more and more aware of the finitude of their existence. People remark of the quick pace of life as it begins to catch up with them, and they express regrets and joys to those behind them in the movement of life. The fact that we have to keep an eye on life before it creeps up behind us is made more evident when there is a part of you that can expire before anything else. For most women this is the production of eggs in the body. Fertility is held as something to be cherished and taken advantage of, and the societal pressures to procreate come from all sides of life, be it the family or through Hollywood films. However, as with all expectations and traditional views on things there is a certain disconnect when it they come to meet with the practices of real, everyday living.



There is in reality nothing that guarantees that there will be the chance to take advantage of fertility or even that one’s fertility is 100% in order from the start of things. As opportunities pass us by and come up a new later on, the chances to reproduce get slimmer for both men and women, and it has been the continual bane of people fighting the currents of time across the world. The medical community has in recent years begun to answer the call of those who wish to rally against the natural cycle of fertility through highly advanced technologies and surgical procedures. The world of assisted reproduction was the result and it was created an entirely new field of study, not to mention a new market for those seeking renewed fertility.

Egg freezing arose as one of the most popular procedures in the field. What egg freezing entails is the preservation of eggs so that they can be thawed for use later on in life. Many women who are passing through the 30 years old mark in life are considering the fact that their fertility can actually be extended through the process, allowing for more of the opportunities and blows of life to take place before having to panic about reproduction. The numbers requesting the procedure has helped to create a medical tourism industry in which many people travel to seek the procedure for a more affordable price and with renowned professionals. People wanting assisted reproduction services of this kind can be found travelling all over Europe, Prague in the Czech Republic being one very common destination.



Has time effectively been turned back with the rise of egg freezing? The statistics of success rates point to a new perception of fertility altogether and that the way our bodies play out their natural cycles has been given a whole new perspective due to the procedure. It seems that technologies and medical research are entering our lives in more and more tangible way, at this stage entering time itself.