March 2018

From the Heart: IVF Stories to Make You Think Differently!

When you are researching your IVF procedure, or just reading generally about the its current popularity, you are likely to be reading from news outlets. Due to the surge in number of patients seeking IVF treatment abroad it is not hard to find news stories that deal with a range of surrounding issues. From scare stories to financial reports, there is truly a wealth of information on the topic. What to do then, if you are looking for something a bit more personal? Something from the heart, perhaps? After all, IVF procedures are highly personal and every patient has a unique reason for choosing to undertake it. In the first of several articles, I look at some interesting personal stories that take you into the heart and mind of an IVF patient.


The case of Rachel, who was featured in a lifestyle magazine, shows the sensitivity of the body to IVF. At the age of 38, she underwent IVF in Europe, but not without checking the facts. Her doctors had approved her for the procedure, but only for one round of treatment. This was due, unfortunately, to other health conditions that might impede repeated attempts. This made it all the more important to check where she was going, and she drew up the philosophies of every clinic she visited before making the choice. Her nerves were high as she went in for the one shot that she had at child birth, and her husband felt the same. Thankfully, she now lives in the UK with her two twins that were conceived successfully at a most successful IVF clinic in Europe.



Rachel has a success story, but it did not come easy. Even though her situation was more crucial due to health conditions, it can be a useful example for every patient thinking about IVF treatment. Patients should consider a range of clinics, including IVF clinics abroad and IVF clinics in Europe. As Rachel found out, each place has their own philosophy, and only one was right for her. Her story shows us that the power is with the patient, and that the facts that your doctors give you must always be respected. Finally, her bravery at taking a chance should inspire all patients to take courage in their choices.