August 2019

Hot Mama! – Ways to Keep Cool While Pregnant In The Summer

Pregnant and feeling hotter than usual? That’s your body’s way of saying, “Welcome to pregnancy.” Studies show that experiencing a steady, radiating heat along with hot flushes are normal aspects of pregnancy along with a side of dizziness.[1]

The rise in temperature while pregnant is due in part to more blood flowing around your body at an increased rate, and this combined with the volume of blood expanding in your body can raise your core temperature by around 0.8°C.[2] While this is a sign that your body is helping your baby grow and develop, it can make things uncomfortable for you.

So what can you do if you’re pregnant in the dead of summer? Even worse, what do you do if you’re pregnant and a heat wave is scorching its merry way across globe? Let’s find out.

Water Is Your Friend

We all know that we should be abiding to the “8 glasses of water a day” philosophy but in reality, water is just so blah. If you’re pregnant but remain unmotivated to stay hydrated, which is always recommended while you’re growing a tiny human, try adding slices of lemon, cucumber, mint leaves or even a few pieces of your favorite summertime fruit to a bottle of water to encourage you to take frequent sips.[3]



Just Keep Swimming

Take advantage of those long summer days and take a dip in your local pool, lake or sea to help you cool off. Swimming is not only a great and gentle sport on your pregnant body but the water also helps to reduce swelling in your lower legs and feet.[4] Floating around in a body of water also helps create a feeling of lightness and the buoyancy can reduce the sensation of feeling “very” pregnant, which can improve your mood if you’re feeling grouchy about your weight and appearance.[5]

Eat ‘Cool’ Foods

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes in a philosophy that the energy properties of food can be classified into “cool” or “yin” and “hot” or “yang” and thus can not only affect our body temperature but also energize, heal and strengthen our bodies.[6] The Chinese symbol for “yin” is of a shady hill and signified femininity, coolness, dampness and darkness and yin foods are implied to cool and moisten the body.[7]

So if you’re feeling like you’re overheating in the summer months, why not add some of these popular yin foods to your diet – soy products such as tofu and bean sprouts; meats like duck and crab; fruits with a high water content like watermelon and star fruit; and vegetables like watercress, cucumbers, carrots and cabbage.[8]

Slow Down

Lastly, don’t overexert yourself while pregnant – instead of trying to tackle any and every task you come across, try to slow down and ask for help if need be.[9] Making a conscious effort to slow things down can not only help you keep cool but also reduce stress and anxiety; so the next time you’re thinking of going to the grocery store, why not order online instead and take a nap while you wait for the delivery guy to drop your groceries off at the door?[10]



In conclusion, being pregnant during the summer may be uncomfortable depending on the temperatures outside and whether or not you’re experiencing an increase in body temperature and hot flushes. However, you can stay cool by keeping hydrated, taking a dip in a pool, lake or sea, eating ‘cool’ foods with a high water content, and slowing down to relax and unwind wherever and whenever possible.



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