October 2019

IVF is a huge challenge for patients. Or is it?

In Vitro Fertilization doesn’t sound like a difficult process at first description – eggs are taken from the body (or from a donor), fertilized in a lab, then returned to the uterus to finish the process in most cases. What could be so difficult? The number of horror stories available online have probably done a lot to scare many away from the treatment by portraying it as a gruelling and relentless effort for women. Whilst it’s true that IVF has its challenges, a balanced look is needed at just what to expect from this famous and much discussed procedure.



IVF involves some things that people might not expect. Regular injections are required for around two weeks to prepare the body for egg collection, and the collection takes place in the surgery room with or without anaesthetic at the patient’s choice. Many women online have reported that they were shocked when they learned they would have to go through this, and had to quickly overcome a fear of needles and the operating theatre in order to finish their treatment. It’s well known that such things are not for everyone – and that IVF is in this respect more clinical that you would expect. However, with correct preparation and research, you can know well in advance what IVF will involve and how best to handle it.

Every testimony online talks about the challenges of IVF – from drug side effects to recovery time after anaesthesia – but many of them come with an upside. Constandina speaking to the Telegraph talks about the joy she experienced when finally conceiving, and ultimately says that she ‘is stronger that she thought she was’ as a result of the treatment. Katie speaking to BeyondType1 talks about how she is grateful for the test of her strength, and that her relationships are better off for having seen it through successfully.



There are many who ease the treatment cycle by combining with a holiday at the same time – something that is now possible thanks to medical tourism. IVF has taken off all over the world, in major cities like Prague, Czech Republic, which are renowned for world class tourism as well as top grade reproduction clinics with low prices. Whilst travelling away from home isn’t everyone’s preference for such a procedure, one can safely travel during IVF and the benefits of a holiday lifestyle could relieve some of the pressure.