April 2018

Preparing for IVF? This Alternative Method Could Boost Fertility.

It is no secret that IVF treatment requires preparation. Making the choice to conceive is no easy thing, let alone the decision to find IVF treatment in order to have a child. The tables are completely turned when it comes to going through the procedure, and they are likely to be different to anything you have experienced before. The stories of other women often state that you need to take great care of yourself before, during and after the treatment, which has in some cases changed working schedules and altered the dynamic of a relationship. However, in the end the promise of childbirth has proven worth it, as hundreds of thousands of women now seek IVF in Europe and IVF abroad.



Seeing as numbers are increasing for those seeking IVF treatment, it is safe to say that information about the process is becoming better known. Therefore, women are also becoming more aware of how to prepare for IVF treatment, whether that means training the body or preparing yourself mentally. In a previous article I looked at the rising popularity of mindfulness meditation to fight the stress of IVF treatment. Here I want to look at a method that claims to train you physically for the process of IVF whilst making sure your mind is calm at the same time: Yoga.


Yoga has become particularly popular in recent years and the market has now made a space for women seeking to increase fertility and to prepare for IVF. How is it possible that this ancient practice of stretching and exercise can help the body for such a thing? As teachers of Yoga say, the beauty of it is that it is flexible, and that it can be adapted to your body and your needs. This is precisely why it is popular with IVF patients: they can choose the stretches and methods of Yoga that are most suitable to them. Many recommend medium intensity stretches, rather than full on stretches. The idea behind this is that it helps to cool your mind at the same time.



Yoga accesses many parts of your body at once, and it is designed to try and connect your body via innovative positions that activate and massage certain muscles. With Yoga there are of course positions that will target areas associated with fertility and childbirth, and could indeed strengthen your body for the final moment of childbirth. Is it any surprise that many women online are claiming that they did not give up exercise during IVF? Perhaps not, knowing that there is always something out there that can suit your needs in preparation for this serious procedure.