August 2014

Questions You Might Not Think to Ask IVF Clinics Abroad

When looking for the right egg donation clinic, you will certainly have many pressing questions to ask such as what a clinic’s policy on egg donation is, how they find their donors and what the staff’s educations consist of.

Here are a few questions you might not think to ask that can reveal a lot about a fertility clinic’s true character:


1. Have the doctors worked or studied abroad?

When you see that doctors have worked or studied abroad, you can be more confident that they will better understand what it’s like for you to be in their country as a foreigner and put more effort into making you feel comfortable. It is also a way for you to gauge how well the doctor might actually speak English or other languages.


2. What local medical organizations do the specialists belong to?

Having a doctor that is active in their field at home, such as Dr. Milan Mrazek of Gynem Fertility Clinic in Prague who is part of the Czech Medical chamber, evidences that they want to improve the practices in their own countries and that they are passionate about what they do - in other words, they are not just doing it for the money.


3. When was the clinic last remodeled?

You are a premium customer for a clinic abroad, and deserve the very best that there is to offer in that country. It goes without saying that the clinic must be modern and clean. Make sure you know what to expect by seeing images of the interior of the clinic. Asking when the clinic was last remodeled will give you an idea of the modernity of the equipment they are using as well.


4. Do medical travel agencies work with this clinic?

Good medical travel agencies want to offer the best to their clients, so if a reliable agency has an ongoing relationship with a clinic, it’s a good indication that other foreign clients have had successful experiences there as well. Plus, if you’re in contact with a clinic directly, you may want to talk to the medical travel agencies they work with, as good agencies can offer support services at no extra cost to you for the same price as going through the clinic directly.


The tactic of asking for information in slightly different ways can be beneficial to you as it will be difficult for employees to use canned responses. You’ll be able to asses the overall language capability of the people you’re working with and be able to generally assess how much a clinic values their clients abroad.