August 2019

Summer Lovin’ – Why IVF Success Rates Climb in the Summer

When people think of summer they think of beaches, tanning and ice-cream but for those thinking of starting a family, they might want to put IVF on their summer to-do list. Why? Well, according to research, the success rate of IVF among couples and individuals in the summer are implied to be quite high, making the months of June, July and August beneficial for those looking to achieve pregnancy but are struggling with infertility issues.[1]

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, a study conducted in Liverpool, England yielded results that showed a 7.5% conception rate in winter as compared with summer’s 15.7%, presenting a valid argument that it’s not only animals who have high conception rates in the warmer spring and summer months.[2]


So what makes summer an optimal time to get pregnant via IVF? Well firstly, exposure to Vitamin D increases during the summer. Vitamin D is necessary to maintain proper levels of calcium in the body and thus helps in the formation and development of the fetus’ teeth and bones.[3] Vitamin D has also known to affect immune function from birth to adulthood and minimize chances of the prospective mother developing gestational diabetes.[4] Conclusion? Women who undergo IVF treatment during the summer stand a higher chance of producing better quality embryos due to their increased exposure to natural Vitamin D.



A second reason to schedule IVF treatments during the summer months is that the extended hours of sunshine contribute to a much improved mood. Studies show that in general, people tend to be happier, less anxious, and less stressed during the summer months, possibly due to the increased exposure to sunlight and the fact that days stretch longer allowing ample opportunity to spend time outdoors.[5] As stress is a key indicator for lower IVF success rates, why not schedule your IVF treatments during the time of the year where you can take time off, relax and soak up some Vitamin D on the beach?



A third reason to schedule IVF treatments during the summer is that the average individual’s schedule tends to be more flexible and open during these months. With the weather brightening and warming up, people are more likely to take time off during the months of June, July and August, and this makes it an optimal time to schedule your IVF treatments without fear of your schedules clashing. You can take some time off work, get your IVF treatment and then take a vacation to take your mind off the stress of whether or not the IVF will take.

In conclusion, summer might just be the optimal season to get your IVF treatments on as factors such as increased exposure to Vitamin D and an open, more flexible schedule might very well help contribute to your successfully getting pregnant. Summer is also a time where people are less stressed and anxious, and generally happier, which may also contribute to a successful IVF as you may worry less about the results of your treatment.



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