September 2014

When it Comes to Egg Donation and IVF, Choose Prague

One of the main incentives for couples traveling abroad for fertility treatment is to find an egg donor. It may be because of waiting times or cost, or maybe because parents prefer for the donor to remain anonymous. 

Whatever the reason, couples will be overwhelmed with the amount of information and advertising they find online for egg donation and fertility treatment abroad. Questions about safety, quality, donor motivation and cost will arise.

It can be difficult to absorb all of the information and decide on the best option for you. Here is some insight based on real facts showing that Prague is the best option for couples seeking egg donation and fertility treatment.


Standard of Living

According to studies by Numbeo, the world’s largest database of user-contributed data worldwide, The Czech Republic has a quality of life index of 122.99, about the same as Spain at 123.64 and higher than surrounding countries such as Poland (95.19) and Slovakia (108.74). In comparison to the United Kingdom at 150.97 it’s only about 10 spots down the list comparing countries worldwide.1

Czechs are well educated, with 92% of the population finishing upper-secondary school (compared to a modest 75% in the UK and an astonishingly low 53% in Spain).2


Paying Less ≠ Worse Treatment

Some people may feel unsure about why fertility treatment in Prague is so affordable. There is a straightforward answer which comes down to the lower cost of living in the Czech Republic and salary expectations of medical professionals.

The cost of living in the Czech Republic ranks 56.59 on Numbeo compared to 77.36 in Spain, 83.79 in Greece and 100.11 in the United Kingdom.3 It means that although the cost of living in the Czech Republic is low, the quality of life index is high.

Also medical education is of a very high standard in the Czech Republic, in fact many students from England and other western countries are enrolling in Czech medical schools because of their high quality and more affordable programs which are taught in English.4,5 The Czech healthcare index at a good standing with 67.95, similar to the United States at 68.58.6

Another important and often overlooked factor is that medical professionals practicing in Prague do not expect as high of salaries as in other countries, meaning that their services are more affordable even though their standards are  just as high. The expected or average annual compensation for medical specialists in the Czech Republic is about £10,909 compared to £58,814 in the UK and £15.222 in Spain.7

The combination of lower-cost of living, quality education and smaller salary expectations means that fertility treatment in Prague can be made affordable without compromising quality or safety. The average cost for egg donation with ICSI or PICSI in a top-notch clinic in Prague is around £4,000, compared to £6,500 on average in Spain and £12,000+ in the UK.


Accessibility and Communication

Prague has one of the largest airports in central Europe, with daily low-cost flights from the UK, Ireland and the United States. The public transportation was rated by FIA as the fourth best in Europe8 and taxis are also very affordable, with a 3 km ride costing an average of £4.28.9 Prague is an international city, with over 27% of the population being able to communicate proficiently in English (compared to 22% in Spain).10 An interesting phenomenon is that many expats moving to Prague never actually learn Czech because they are able to work and communicate in English.

Companies such as will facilitate information and answers to all of your questions free of charge as well as organize any required accommodation and flights. Utilizing a medical travel agency will ensure that you get the best prices on the market at prime clinics and that you will always have an ambassador on your side, available to assist you 24/7, outside of clinic hours.


Compassionate Care for both Donor and Patient

Donors from the Czech Republic are kept anonymous, but that doesn’t mean that they are taken advantage of or have ulterior motives for donating. The latest study by ESHRE which included over 1,000 egg donors in 11 European countries including the Czech Republic concluded that the majority of donations are made benevolently, even when the donor is compensated monetarily.11

Clinics in Prague are required by law to test donors extensively for STDs and genetic disease and also take care of any medical care required post-donation if an unexpected reaction occurs (only a very small percentage of women ever experience problems after donation). Donations can only be made by women aged 18-35.

Couples are provided with generic information regarding possible donors, so that they can find an appropriate match based on colouring, blood and body type. Top rated clinics such as guarentee 2 healthy embryos for transfer if the sperm quality is good and provide couples with a new donor free of charge if not enough eggs are produced.


In Conclusion

Prague is an ideal choice for couples looking for egg donation and fertility treatment abroad because of the high standards in medical facilities and education, language proficiency and safety standards. Fertility treatment is very affordable in the Czech Republic, thanks to the lower living costs and salary expectations of medical specialists. If you are looking for high-quality and affordable egg donation abroad, Prague should be on the top of your list.

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