September 2018

When Should a Man Choose IVF? Crucial Points to Consider Before You Decide.

Infertility affects men and women equally, and in any relationship the choice to undergo IVF in-vitro fertilisation is shared by both parts of a couple. However, it might come down to one member of that relationship to first realise that the time is right to look for other options. In this article, that person is the male, and we ask a simple question from the male perspective: when? Through issues such as male infertility and age we pick some of the most crucial things for a man to consider when opting for IVF.



Sperm Disorders

A question that unfortunately does not cross the mind of every man until the point where they want a child – is your sperm in full working order? The quality of your sperm is crucial to a successful IVF procedure, and will determine how a doctor goes about the procedure when it comes down to it. Some of the most common sperm issues are low sperm count, mishapen sperm and impaired sperm motility[1], and the best way to find out if you are subject to them is to get your semen tested. Inquire with your doctor for advice prior to undergoing IVF.



Regardless of other factors, the age at which you decide to opt for IVF is important. A recent article from the BBC cites studies revealing that men out of their middle thirties have a lower chance of conceiving with IVF[2]. Frustratingly, doctors are not clear on what exactly causes this decreased quality of sperm, and generally encourage middle aged and older men to maintain a 'healthy lifestyle' to ensure the best chances. This should encourage IVF customers to plan ahead, and get the knowledge they need to make a truly informed decision.



Hormonal Balance

Testosterone and Estrogen, we all know how they correspond, but are your levels all in check? Men suffering from hormone imbalance can be affected by fertility issues, which can of course impact a sensitive procedure such as IVF. The key issue for men is low testosterone[3], which can affect reproductive organs and aspects of physical appearance. There are many lifestyle changes that can keep your hormone levels in check, including quitting smoking, losing weight and monitoring your diet. You may wish to ask your doctor about TRT, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which must be discussed prior to IVF treatment, and certainly made known to your IVF clinic doctor.


IVF, which is now practised throughout clinics all over Europe, is hugely popular thanks to the medial tourism industry in cities such as Prague, Czech Republic. The competitive prices found in Czech clinics offering IVF, egg donation and other fertility processes, are part of the reason that assisted reproduction has become so well known today. With this in mind it is no wonder that men around the world are starting to consider in some elements such as these we have discussed today with regard to their conception journey. We hope this short list is helpful, and be sure to check back for more conception and IVF tips.