October 2020


During the last few months, people have focused on being extremely careful to avoid COVID-19 infection. Inhabitants of many countries do their best staying at home, washing their hands, wiping down surfaces, covering faces with different types of masks and so on. Another efficient way of protection of family and friends is to prepare their own immune systems and bodies to fight the virus in case of getting infected.

Thinking of it this way: when coronavirus attacks the human body, it’s waging a battle against it. Therefore, if there is no protection on, the human body might likely get wounded. [1]

While people are now at home, why not start preparing own immune systems for  the attack which may eventually come? It is also helpful to ask for professional medical advice in some situations, from the experienced Prague-based team of Medical Travel Czech, since immunity protection aspects often include serious health questions. 


Most efficient recommendations for getting ready to fight any potential infections:

Move your body 

Regular exercising is not only about making the muscles stronger, but it is about preparing own cardiovascular system too. Additionally - daily jogging or walking can release those chemicals which give the mood a significant boost. As a result, it helps to save mental health as well.


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Eat well 

Another lifehack for fighting an infection is in adding rich antioxidants and immune boosting foods to daily diet. Making it “colorful” with berries, avocados, nuts, carrots and other veggies and fruits also gives a full plate of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, natural vitamin C should be added to the daily menu: oranges are a great source of it, but so are kiwis, red pepper and tomatoes.

Sleep well

Staying mostly at home means sleeping enough. There is really no reason or excuse for not enjoying from 7 to 8 hours of good sleep. We all know that sleep helps to reboot the human systems - as well as - it can help with releasing cytokines, a protein that helps the immune system vs viruses.

Go outside - whenever you can

Sunlight not only gives the human body Vitamin D, but it also boosts the mood on a regular basis. No doubt, it perfectly works for anybody.

Decrease your stress level

It is proved by science that stress releases hormones which impair human immune systems. One of the keys to reduce stress level is in taking a few minutes every day - to do some deep breathing or meditation. Alternatively, listening to some calming music helps to balance own mental health - as well as - listening to a podcast about something enjoyable. [2]


Another secret is to make sure that enough socialization takes place.

Healthy relationships are so important, and physical distancing does not have to mean emotional distancing. Virtual reach to friends and family increases immunity, so it’s essential to see their faces and talk to them. [3]


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It is needless to say that people in all the countries experience a tough time of their lives, and they need to draw on all the resources available to them to get through this time. Taking good care of themselves – putting such a so-called “armor” on, as well as, following the best guidelines for physical distance, will definitely help to prevent the pandemic growth to save own wellbeing and the lives of all close people. 



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