June 2021

5 Things You Can Try Today to Get Pumped

We’ve all been thrown into a new normal, so they say, so why not take advantage of it and try something new? Here are my top five tips as to where to go looking for that extra push to energize your days.


With gym access limited nowadays and workloads spread throughout the day, often on top of child care or house chores, it can still be tough for many of us to make that time for exercise without a little push or that extra bit of pressure. Accessing a live streamed workout class, however, might just bring back some of the normalcy we’ve all been missing recently and encourage us to form a schedule in the absence of one.

TheClass.com is a unique exercise platform developed in New York and described by attendees as a kind of “spiritual aerobics”. You can access it from the computer, Android and Apple devices like AndroidTV and Apple TV, as well as Roku or AmazonFire app. All classes are streamed daily, 7 days a week, Eastern Standard Time (EST).




Hissing, purring, trills and sirens can be utilized to warm up your voice before interviews, before meetings, before presentations and, heck, just for the sake of feeling more relaxed. We all hold tension in different parts of the body, so this might even be a great way to relax your throat and jaw if you’re prone to clenching through the night.

For those that want to keep a little quieter, humming and repeated yawning can take the place of sirens. 

Essentially, before you start any of this, you will want to exhale as completely as possible and hold for two seconds. Upon releasing your muscles, breathe in as deeply as possible so that your diaphragm contracts and your belly expands with the large breath. If you don’t exhale first, chances are you won’t be able to inhale and relax your muscles as much.

For those eager to learn even more about breathwork, check out water, coffee, whiskey breathing to use these different kinds of breaths for energizing, neutralizing and relaxing.


For artisan-type learning, business and tech, Skillshare is a great resource that gives you access to personal training through streamed online classes as well as pre-recorded courses. Pluralsight is another good resource for IT administrators, software developers and creatives in need of software-specific training. For a dive into Java, Python and other coding languages via a learn-by-doing method, Hyperskill JetBrains Academy is a good place to start.


Quarantine weight gain is a real thing now, especially without everyday commutes around city centers and even limited holiday excursions. One study reported that an astounding 22% of participants claimed to have gained 5-10 pounds during this time.[1]

Our at-home lifestyles have had us cooped up during the summer and winter months and moved our outdoor experiences to whatever local spot we can enjoy, and with safe distance from others. To many, this has resulted in a few extra pounds. Despite all this, minimally invasive procedures for weight loss, like liposuction or the gastric balloon, are still being offered by medical travel companies like Medical Travel and worth looking into.


The next time you say that you feel like you are too tired, yet restless and struggling with insomnia, remember these recommendations so that you can take back the reigns and conquer sleep.

In the end, assessing the exact quantity of sleep you require to maintain quality sleep will make it easier for you to consistently fall asleep quickly and feel rested each morning.[2]

Of course, this one factor cannot entirely pick up the slack of other bad habits you may be holding onto that interfere with your circadian rhythm. Make sure to also reassess your indoor lighting and phone use as well.

For more advice on rejuvenating your body’s immunity and boosting its overall energy, check out this link here.



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