June 2016

Plastic Surgery and Celebrity Culture

It is hard to remember now when plastic surgery became such a buzzword in the media, and harder still to remember when it became synonymous with celebrity culture. The lifestyles of various celebrity figures from film stars, businessmen and singers is pasted all over the visual world. Television programs parade them before us and newspapers detail the intimacies of their personal lives, but it is the images that are arguably the most important and what influence society the most.



The connection between plastic surgery and celebrity lifestyle is associated with the idea of style that so many famous figures carry. On the red carpet, in videos and in films, it is practically their job to reflect the trends and tendencies of the time. Society feels the effects in the form of high street brands and consumer choices that are influenced by the proliferation of styles seen on celebrities. Taking this into consideration, is it so surprising that the body modifications of an actress could be as influential as her dress? Not really, but surprisingly many celebrity figures still deny their role in plastic surgery and their surgeons remain a top secret to them as well as a top asset. From Botox to breast augmentation the proliferation of plastic surgery is as great as one might suspect in Hollywood, confirmed by the work of journalists from all over the world.


As these screen-ready figures show off their preference for plastic surgery, do they also encourage people to speak openly about such procedures? Or do they in fact encourage more people to hide it, especially when they deny it or do not acknowledge their surgery? It could in fact be said that many celebrity figures do not encourage surgery at all by speaking out against it and flaunting the fact that they are ‘all natural’ in their looks. The reality is a bit of both. It seems at first glance that when celebrities embraced plastic surgery so did the world, and plastic surgery continues to be a large factor in the decisions of medical tourists and a great revenue in medical tourism worldwide. Prague has for example benefitted in the number of specialists that undertake such procedures at high quality and low rates.



On the other hand, seeing the celebrities who do not quite pull it off have a negative effect on the public opinion of plastic surgery and seem to draw people away from it. Once we think of both facts, the truth is that tummy tucks, nose surgery and breast implants all exist independently of the trends that celebrities follow, and the procedures are varied and just like their customers. Equally it is important to remember that one does not need to be a celebrity in order to undertake such a thing!