December 2021

Awesome Health Benefits from Working Up a Sweat!

When stepping into a healthier lifestyle, fitness often paves a path of gold, turning your medicine ball into a cannon ball capable of wielding incredible power. Your weightlifting bar? Your staff.  So, if this so happens to be your healthy habit of choice, knowing that there is more in it for you than just weight loss and toned muscles can make you feel extra mighty. Are you ready to embrace sweat like it’s royal currency?


Top reasons to reach that point of sweatiness on a regular basis

How atypical would it seem if you started to associate salty sweat with our bones, kidneys, skin, immunity, inflammation and even hydration? Reality is, however, that some of us ought to begin making these associations if dealing with any corelating health issues like kidney stones, for example. Making that sweaty climax your goal will improve your overall health in a variety of ways.

Now, if sweat’s natural properties have even been recently regarded as a structural platform in redesigning antibiotic drugs, I think we’re onto something here that’s more than anecdotal evidence.


Even when I’m working out, it’s difficult for me to break a sweat. Why is that?

Factors like body size, age, muscle mass, current health status and maintained fitness level all affect the volume of sweat that your body’s going to produce during exercise or physical stress. Of course, if you’re jogging in tropical humidity or holding dhanurasana in your hot yoga class, then there are some external factors besides your exercise that will encourage your body to sweat.

All prior factors set aside, though, we do have varying genetics that come into play here just as one person might be taller than another. Cases in which a person is born with an overall inability to sweat, hypohidrosis more specifically, are actually very rare occurrences. Experiencing hypohidrosis is more frequently associated with inflammatory skin conditions or diabetes actually.[7]




Creative ways how to work up a sweat without visiting the gym

Maybe a gym-like workout with presses and lifts aren’t for you, or, you want to consider adding something else to your routine to keep things fresh while still working out the heart and breaking a sweat. Traditional saunas, far-infrared wraps, heat acclimatization routines, hot yoga and even high-intensity interval training (HIIT) could all be great options for you.

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