December 2020

How to exercise during self-isolation?

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many people have been left wondering what they can or cannot do for exercising outdoors. While you should abide by any updates from the local authorities - there's one remaining action that almost everyone can still do: simply going outside of your own home while following the pandemic protection requirements.

All the legal updates in regard to COVID-19 expansion are essential to follow, however, they do not mean that you are restricted entirely to your home. While people should stay at home as much as possible and limit their time in public places to only essential tasks such as buying groceries and medicaments, solo exercising outside is still allowed. And since you have the right of exercising outside, it is advisable to do it safely and effectively. 

It is acceptable to exercise outside during the coronavirus outbreak, as long as you are able to practice safe social distancing - as well as - all the rest of relevant guidelines on how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus. Alternatively, you may not be able to go to the particular outdoor area you would wish to visit. However, at the very least, you can get outside of your dwelling and walk around your own neighborhood. [1]


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Benefits of outdoors' exercising 

The benefits of exercises outdoors are as many, as the amounts of benefits while spending the time in a natural environment. At times, it helps to get professional advice about how to get the best from exercising outdoors, so you may contact Medical Travel Czech to structure your outdoors activity in the best way possible. And, normally, spending even a little time outdoors and being physically active almost instantly boost your mood due to the following facts: 

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Safe exercising options during stay-at-home time

While a stay-at-home mandate certainly sounds daunting, there are plenty of outdoor places you can go to get in a workout. Surely, you can also exercise indoors, but - at this point - many people already experience a bit of so-called cabin fever and probably prefer some outdoors activities. 

Wherever you decide to go for outdoor exercise, it is important to remember about washing the hands before and after your workout, avoiding touching your own face and to keep required distance from other people.

Neighborhood areas and parks

Without any doubt, your own neighborhood is the safest place to exercise outdoors these days. There is no need to travel to get there. Moreover - you can easily keep required by the law distance from other people. You can walk, jog and cycle around your neighborhood streets and parks. As an option of staying indoors and following quarantine restrictions, you can also use your own yard for outdoors at-home workouts. If you're going to do a bodyweight circuit, you might as well do it outside rather than inside. It is suggested due to the fact that stay-at-home conditions deliver less fresh air and sunlight in comparison to usual. In addition, some parks may have limited hours or operations during lockdown, so it’d be possible to visit them and exercise in parks. Riverfront areas might also serve as ideal places for exercising and getting fresh air. [3]



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