August 2020


The habitual world processes dramatically changed during the last few months. The reason is that coronavirus has plunged the world into uncertainty. It would be hard to argue about the fact that the constant news about the pandemic can feel relentless. All of these sudden changes are taking their toll on people's mental health - and particularly on those who are more sensitive or with such conditions as anxiety etc. So, how would it be possible to protect mental health?

Being concerned about the news is comprehensive, although yet for many people it can make existing mental health problems worse. So it's understandable that many individuals with pre-existing anxiety are facing challenges at the moment.

Expectedly enough - the World Health Organization (WHO) released advice on protecting human mental health during the coronavirus outbreak, it was welcomed on social media.


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Not only is the threat of a new virus scary. But at the same time, many people are also facing stressful life challenges. There were many people employed in the hospitality industry - working in hotels and restaurants - or the ones who were self-employed. Both groups have lost jobs or had their incomes cut due to the pandemic. From the personal interaction side, social distancing and self-isolating create the situation where it is essential to avoid seeing friends and family and many people are worried about vulnerable loved ones. In addition, it can be hard to escape the constant barrage of bad news in all the media, which might add to the feelings of stress and despair.

Since many people are being asked to stay at home and avoid social interaction, it might also feel difficult or stressful for many of them. [1]

However, there are numerous things which people can try to help with. Such a wise approach helps to protect own wellbeing and support own healthy immune systems during the outbreak. In some situations it helps to explain yourself that fears might be managed by yourself… The following list includes some of the most efficient actions, however, it might be needed to contact a professional medical team - like Medical Travel Czech - in order to receive more specific info.


Understanding own fears and thoughts

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help offload any worries and fears you may have. It's also important to try to keep yourself busy with daily tasks - whether that means going for a daily walk, learning a new skill and so on. There are still plenty of activities you can engage with at home - such as crafts, studying, painting, reading, cooking etc.

In some cases, keeping a journal can also be a helpful way of unloading negative or overwhelming emotions. And although it is essential to know what's going on, turning off the news from time to time can be useful. [2]


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Being kind and protective to yourself

In some cases - people may feel like they are not up to doing anything. From time to time, it's also acceptable and important to be kind to yourself and recognise when break is actually required. Wise solution is in trying to relax and focusing on positive things mostly - while knowing that every effort made globally to bring the situation to a close. Truth be told - it will take time though. [3]

It is advised to take care of yourself, focus on your daily routine - as well as - to add more enjoyable pastimes into your regular schedule. As a result, you may feel more confident and positive due to the fact of being good to yourself.


Limiting the negative news and be careful about the information sources

There is a lot of misinformation online and offline, so it’s advisable to use trusted sources of the information only. It is important to remember that reading lots of news about coronavirus might force depressions or similar negative conditions in some cases. 

It is also recommended to limit the amount of time you normally spend reading or watching content which might not make you feel better. If so, it is more reasonable to decide on a specific time for checking out all the essential news.

At times, having long periods away from the news websites and social media can help people to manage their own anxiety conditions and to use mood regulation actions for being happier and healthier. 



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