August 2020


Nowadays, the rapid spread of coronavirus infection has sparked alarm worldwide. We all know that the WHO (World Health Organization) has officially declared this quickly spreading COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic process. Therefore, most countries are grappling with an extreme rise of confirmed cases. People across the world are advised to be prepared for disruptions into their daily lives. It will be necessary if the coronavirus spreads within communities.


As a result of coronavirus, many people started working from home. Obviously, for people who never worked from home or for those parents who have to take care of their kids while working from home, this may be an actual challenge. [1]

Staying healthy and active helps to succeed and create an efficient daily schedule is wise planning that takes into account various lifestyle factors. Anyone who searches for professional advice on this matter, can ask the Medical Travel Czech team in Prague since daily routines often include health related aspects. Some helpful tips for enjoying this indoors time are below:


Wearing habitual clothes for work

For many people, it makes a huge difference - how they do their morning routine, getting ready for the day.  Less productive days are often when people stay in pajamas all day, with messy hair. So, a wise solution would be taking a shower, making yourself pretty and wearing some habitual clothes for going to the office. It may seem ridiculous, but it helps a lot to divide the day into working and not working hours - as well as - to boost weekly productivity. Secret is more than simple: we all know that after not putting any effort into ourselves,  there’d not be any proper effort made to succeed in anything else.


Creating a daily schedule and improving it

It might be a good idea to create a daily schedule at the start of each day, while having a morning coffee. It may include only a few fundamental points, but strict planning towards them helps to focus and achieve the most of daily goals. When working duties are not postponed for later, all reports and arrangements can be done from home, as well as, all scheduled meetings can take place virtually. Moreover, working within normal working hours helps a lot. For instance, if trying to start every day at the same time,  around 9 am, and finishing not later than 6 pm. [2]


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Creating own workspace at home

Productive work from home can become even more efficient, if it is done from the space that allows focusing, and where it is possible to work week by week from. Another important point is in dividing the house into the space for relaxing and working area. At times, work from bed or a sofa may slow down the processes. It is also important to keep the workspace tidy. Therefore - each new working morning starts in a nice and clean environment.


Planning for several regular breaks during the working day

Overworking is never healthy for any employee unless there’s an urgency. Due to the fact of not having colleagues while working from home - it is impossible to enjoy small chats from time to time. However - small breaks during the day are still required. Taking them helps to focus on work later instead of feeling tired and distracted from work. At home, it can be cuddling favorite pets, doing some little exercises, calling family or friends - as well as - listening to some new podcasts. Overall, such breaks are critically important when working from home. 


Looking after own health and staying physically active every day

Being at home is harder than anyone can think, moreover if additional health care is required. Not having physical activity for a long time is harmful, even if it would be only walking or cycling to the office and back. Even those who have special health conditions, can do yoga or similar activities. For example,  starting each new day with morning yoga flow. For some cases - it makes sense to continue with a brief session of home workout. The same schedule can apply to the evening time: before going to bed, it’s also advisable to do a little bedtime yoga to relax and to keep an exercising routine. There are various types of workouts to be done from home even. [3]


Actively socializing with family, friends and meeting the new people virtually

Mental health is a significant component of balanced life during work-from-home time. Previous forms of social activity can be replaced by regular calls to family members and friends, as well as, by joining online communities. Another option is to organize a video call with the friends - like it would normally be done for meeting in person. Keeping a usual social life while being in lockdown is important for human well-being. 


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Organizing own house 

Since there are always many things to be improved at home, lockdown time helps to do them better. Reorganizing an own wardrobe before the spring/summer season, selecting some clothes that are not used anymore and packing it for charities, cleaning kitchen cupboards properly, organizing paperwork etc. 

It is also helpful to organize devices’ storages: smartphone, computer, and apps - as well as - personal online content, photos etc


Having a long night rest  and relaxing over weekends

Staying at home can create an unique opportunity of getting into a properly planned night routine. Since it is not possible to go out late and there is no need to rush in the morning. It’s helpful for both - good health conditions and for the healthy immune system. Creating a good sleep habit can be supported by the evening meditation. 

Weekends at home can be as interesting and useful, as any other days off: reading, cooking, studying and many other activities can be enjoyed at their fullest due to essential home stay. [4]



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