October 2020


For better or worse – existent lifestyle often grows around social media networks and virtual relationships. According to the latest studies of British researchers - so-called “friends” in social media might be influencing all the living habits... Moreover, this lifestyle may apply to both - negative and positive cases. [1] For example, those who believe that their social media friends have five daily portions of fruits and vegetables, eat one extra portion, in turn. However - they also have an extra portion of unhealthy food for every three portions of their online friends.

Such habits can be more typical for teenagers and those in schools. Adults have less addiction to virtual friends or publicities’ lifestyles. Moreover, one of the cornerstones for quality life includes good, mutually enjoyable and rewarding relationships with close people and friends. They are equally important to a healthy eating lifestyle and regular exercises. There is no such need to have own DNA sequenced yet to determine the genetics. The reason is that any analysis will never change the list of actions for having the healthiest lifestyle now. Every person has enough power for changing numerous things, which influence both health and life length. The following suggestions will help in pursuing the longest and healthiest lifestyle possible. [2]


Suggestions for Healthy Lifestyle in 2020 

At the beginning of the twentieth century - the average life expectancy at birth was approximately below 50 years. Nowadays, the average newborn can expect to reach 80 years on average. Such a significant leap forward has very little or nothing at all to do with the human genes, and yet - everything to do with advances in public health and healthy lifestyles. So, what are the suggestions for healthier living in 2020?

How Do Current Living Habits Differ from the Past Ones?

The latest research findings offer evidence that online social circles influence human living habits. They also suggest that it might be possible to use social media for encouraging a healthy lifestyle, according to the latest British studies.

Surprisingly, turning back to the medical recommendations of 2010 by Harvard Medical School, the list of healthy living’ suggestions looks rather similar to the current one:

Overall, visiting an experienced doctor prior to changing their own living habits – such as in Medical Travel Czech based in Prague - can be a great solution for those who start a healthy lifestyle. In terms of choosing the best vitamins and lifestyle activities according to each individual’s lifestyle, professional medical advice always comes in the most appropriate time ever. 



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