April 2020

Why Choose Prague for Your Medical Services Abroad?

Why travel for medical treatments?

Traveling for medical reasons is no new concept. From Greek baths to the healing spas of the Alps, people have traveled across borders for centuries to seek health benefits not available in their region. While in modern times this used to refer to those who traveled to higher developed countries for treatment, it is now just as common for those who travel for lower-prices or higher availability. [1]

People travel to escape long waiting times in their home country, or maybe to countries which offer medical services denied to them elsewhere. Globally, approximately 22 million people cross borders for health tourism.[2]

When one American woman explained her decision to seek fertility treatment abroad, she explained that in the United States she would have been out of pocket $21,000 for only a 16% chance of success. Going abroad gave her her only chance to conceive without going into massive debt. On average¸ American patients can save 30-65 percent by traveling for fertility treatments.[3]

‘Medicine prices in the Czech Republic are among the world’s most affordable.’[4]

It is not just for IVF egg donation that people travel, cosmetic treatments and bariatric surgery make up a large amount of the medical tourism market. The expected annual compound growth rate of the market is 8% for the next five years.[5]


Prague - heart of medical tourism


Why choose Prague?

It may be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but, of course, that alone is not a reason to travel for medical reasons. The Czech Republic is a popular place for medical tourism, however, because of its high standard of surgical training and relatively low prices in comparison to surrounding areas.

Plastic surgery in Prague is highly sought after. Almost 20,000 foreigners visited the Czech Republic for treatment in 2018, and Czech doctors are among the most popular across the continent.[6] The six years of training required to be a qualified plastic surgeon is far higher than in other countries.

Advances in digital technologies makes communication and data sharing easier than ever before. At Medical Travel Czech, we offer online video consultations both before and after procedures.

Feel Confident Traveling Abroad

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