October 2016

Breast augmentation – choosing the right cup size

So you’ve decided on breast augmentation, but unsure about which cup size to choose? Deciding on cup B to C or even DD can be overwhelming, especially since one bra manufacturer’s B cup is another one’s C cup. Nevertheless, every woman has a mental idea of how she wants to look after breast surgery.


During your medical travel to consult with one of Prague’s top plastic surgeons, you will be explained about the different cup sizes available. You will also be able to ‘try’ the cup for size. This way, you can place the sample implants in your bra under your shirt to get a ‘feel’ for the size and to see if you like the look. This is a good way of transforming that mental image you already have into reality. It’s important to try on different implants until you are completely satisfied. Ignore what implants your friends have, or what sizes are trending with celebrities. People have different body types and what looks good on someone else may not be right for you.



Balance and proportion need to be considered when going for breast enlargement, so that the overall head-to-toe look works. The best is to ‘try’ and look in the mirror to see the full body effect. You may find that you really like what you see in the ‘fitting’ session and may consider going even bigger than you originally planned. Some women are concerned about going too big – but how big is too big?


Recent studies show that many women who at first were worried about going too big, discovered that post surgery, after they had gotten accustomed to their new size, said that if they had the chance to do the surgery again they would go bigger! So to overcompensate for this effect, some women choose to go slightly larger than initially planned. Cup sizes unfortunately are not determined by a set formula. For instance, someone who wants to increase from cup A to B could apply the formula, A + 200cc = B. This doesn’t work for everyone, as people’s body types differ. A fuller B cup may require 250cc, or increasing to a cup D may involve using a 300cc implant in one woman and 350cc in another.



There is no perfect way to measure size, but there are some general guidelines to consider when making your choice. For example, you should consider your height and frame. A woman with a broader frame can pull off larger implants. If you are physically active, make sure your cup size won’t interfere with your activities. Also, remember that larger implants can cause shoulder and back pain and are heavier in weight, which means that sagging can occur. Our qualified surgeons will guide you through the steps and give you expert advice, so choosing the right cup size need not be a confusing and overwhelming process.


For expert advice and affordable cosmetic surgery, it’s no wonder that Prague has become the number one choice in medical tourism!