April 2014

Choosing the Right Medical Tourism Agency

If you’ve been considering medical treatment abroad, you’ve probably read about the horror and praise of medical tourist agencies.

One article will tell you why not to use them, the next article will tell you to use them. Both are correct - DO NOT use a bad agency, DO use a good one! So how, you ask, do I know if an agency is good or not?

Weeding the good out from the bad and ugly.

Transparent Pricing

Don’t pick an agency that isn’t honest about their pricing from the get go. If they don’t have prices listed on their website, think twice about if you want to waste your time contacting them.

No Price Difference

A good medical tourist agency will offer their services at no extra cost to having the treatment carried out by the clinic directly. Go ahead, pick up the phone and call the clinic and find out if their prices are the same or at least similar. A serious medical travel company like Medical Travel Czech Republic will negotiate prices with the clinic beforehand so that they can offer you their services at the same cost as going to the clinic directly.

Quick Response Times

If an agency can’t respond to you in at least 48 hours, including the weekends, they are probably a waste of your time. A great agency will respond in at least 24 hours. While you are in the country for your treatment, they should be available to assist you 24/7.

Track record of being good patient ambassadors

Make sure that there are good solid references about the agency. Have other patients felt supported and taken care of by this agency? Do their reviews sound sincere? Don’t be afraid to go into interview mode and ask the agency about how they took care of a stressful situation for one of their other clients.

Offer something fun as well

Well it is a tourist agency after all, they shouldn’t be all business. You may feel up to a bit of sightseeing, so make sure they offer some sort of inclusive tour as well.

Of course there are many other factors to choosing a good tourist agency, but these should get you started on the right track. All in all, don’t be afraid to politely say no if you don’t feel comfortable with what an agency is offering you, leave and find a better one.

The right medical travel agency will support you before, during and after your treatment abroad and will provide you with an advocate during your stay in a foreign country.