February 2018

Going on a Cosmetic Surgery Holiday? Here’s Your Checklist

There are many reasons why medical tourism, or cosmetic surgery travel, has become so wildly popular in the last decade. Thousands of consumers are discovering that huge savings can be made by using a doctor abroad, costing often half the price of Western practice. Another perk for many has been that there are no waiting times – popular surgeries in the West often are backed up with clients due to their popularity. Abroad there is an abundance of clinics and many are able to see you at your own convenience. Finally, the opportunity to travel adds a whole new temptation to the idea and seems to have really finalised the deal for many customers.


If you have been taken in by the idea of plastic surgery travel or cosmetic surgery travel packages then this article has two things to say. First of all, congratulations on your decision to embark on a medical tourism adventure. Secondly, get ready to through a thorough checklist of things to remember when you are making decisions about your trip. Whilst the idea of taking plastic surgery overseas is exciting consumers often forget that there are a whole range of things that must be coordinated and arranged before your set foot in your destination, let alone the doctors surgery. So in this article we will run through some of the essentials.



Remember that a lot of information online about medical tourism comes from those that have vested interested in it. You may find statistics online about the comparison of care with Europe or America, but it is highly recommended to go onto forums to find other users of medical tourism for their personal experiences. Ask around and look for honest, personal stories about experiences so that you can get an idea of what to expect.

Think about the level of expertise your doctor has. It is likely that they are similar to your regular surgeon, but it is worth checking about the standards of medical training in the country you are visiting for surgery.

Speak to your doctors at home. Will you be able to get follow up treatment at home after this procedure abroad? Check and find out in case of complications or the need for a check up later on, which could be done without leaving home.



Consider your recovery time. Will you really be wanting that swimming pool after a tummy tuck? Research what you will realistically be able to do after your procedure and plan your holiday around that – relaxation might be the best option rather than walking or sporting.

Finally, check that your clinic or surgery is recognised by international health organisations to give you peace of mind.

This has been a short list, but we hope that this points you in the right direction when planning your medical travel adventure.