March 2020


At least once in her lifetime, every woman might be questioning her breast size or breasts asymmetry - as well as - breasts volume or individual breasts shape… Some questions may rise after comparing own body contour with female friends’ ones. Others appear after having a baby, due to the age changes or as a result of the health conditions worsening. However - with no relation to original questions’ reasons - it is essential to obtain a professional advice on various pros and cons of the breast enhancement surgery.


MYTH: Breast enlargement does not require any preliminary consulting or preparing for professional aftercare

Reality: Consultation and help of well-reputed surgeon always increase a positive, long term experience with breasts enhancement surgery. Through the years, such an approach demonstrated that this operation has a high patient satisfaction rate. Aftercare process should also be taken into account for avoiding any negative outcomes during post-surgery period.

Breast enlargement usually defines the surgical procedure of inserting breast implants to change female breasts according to her unique needs. Breast implants can be filled with either saline solution or silicone gel. Such a plastic surgery procedure allows on increasing the breasts size, changing their shape, making them more even and so on. [1]

The implants are mostly composed of an outer flexible, silicone shell which can be filled with either saline or silicone gel. The outer surfaces may be smooth or textured. Besides – breasts implants may have various sizes, profiles and shapes to meet the individual needs of each woman.

Also, surgical breast augmentation sometimes includes the application of transplanted autologous skin flaps harvested from the woman’ body (fat transfer for breast enlargement). Most female patients which select these operations are the ones, who dream to enlarge their breasts in general or to enlarge their volume specifically – as well as – healthy women with no connective tissue diseases and without breast malignancy. [2]


MYTH: Hormones and massage vastly enlarge breasts

Reality: Some myths about the breast enhancement might suggest taking various hormones or going for an extensive breast massage with the aim of enlarging breasts. If so, it’s critical to remember that any hormones might have an unpredictable impact on general health state, while massages mostly impact the body with relaxation or refreshing purposes. [3]




MYTH: Breast surgery only works for aesthetical transformations of female body

Reality: In some cases, opting for the breasts implants can be the best choice for those, who should recover from breast cancer or other illnesses. Despite the fact that most of the breast augmentation/enlargements are chosen for their self-confidence increase’ effect, some of those can be performed due to the health treatment reasons specifically. 

In the case with cosmetic surgery – as with any surgical process – it’s required to understand the procedure along with its potential risks and recovery process. Since finding a qualified doctor with an established reputation helps to clarify and explain all the existent questions - selecting the best clinique such as Medical Travel Czech - allows any patient to rely on his/her doctor’ recommendations. It efficiently works for the further prevention of unexpected outcomes, increasing the chances of fulfilling her beautiful dream in one of the most beautiful world cities - Prague.

In some cases, breasts enlargement is known as augmentation mammoplasty that focuses on enhancing the female’ body contour if she’s unhappy with her breasts. As mentioned above – such a procedure might be used for improving the loss or of breast volume which follows pregnancy and nursing. Additionally – the operation may balance breasts asymmetries. There are a few standard routes of surgical inserting of saline filled or silicone gel implants: they can be placed either above or below the chest muscle. Thus, the standard routes consider periareolar placements (around the areola), inframammary ones (lower breast folds) – as well as - transaxillary ones (arm pits). Moreover, saline breast implants can be inserted transumbilically (via the navel). [4]



MYTH: Single operation can enhance breasts, along with bettering their shape and volume, and balance any breast asymmetries

Reality: Another significant fact must be kept in mind while planning for breasts enlargement surgery: while breast augmentation will enlarge the breasts, the surgery will not always alter underlying natural defects in breasts shape and form. Obviously - major asymmetries may be improved but will not be completely corrected with the breast enhancement by itself. A noticeable difference in the size, shape, or orientation of the two breasts is considered as being normal. It is even actually the law of nature.

However, if breast and/or nipple position asymmetry are severe – then more additional surgical procedures will be needed for the further asymmetry eliminations.

Truth be told, the most of cases cover more cosmetic breast surgery than only plastic one being performed due to the health conditional requirements. Nowadays, knowledgeable surgeons in the most advances cliniques, such as Medical Travel Czech, use the most innovative industry information into the more advanced and innovative surgical techniques in the breast surgery for difficult breast as well as breast that require revision aesthetic surgery. [5]



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