June 2017

How We Get Wrinkles

Wrinkles – the bane of any individual fight against the signs of ageing and the number one concern of most cosmetic regimes. Across the world millions are spent every year sorting them out in the form of cosmetic products and more recently plastic surgery. More and more people are turning to procedures like facelift and botox in the cosmetic surgeries of Europe to ensure that their wrinkles are kept at bay. Youth is in high demand, but in the midst of the battle against wrinkles have we considered the things that cause them most viciously? In this article we take a look at some of the causes, from the outlandish to the common sense in the world of wrinkles.



Generally we associate wrinkles with old age and this is a fair assumption. Old age however entails a number of other things that are the true causes of wrinkles rather than age itself, including expression lines and the degradation of the skin. As we age our skin gets thinner and less elastic meaning that we naturally appear to shrivel in our later years. Alongside this the years of smiling, laughing, crying and frowning all add up once our skin cannot bounce back to its usual position as times goes on. These are the two most logical and common causes of wrinkles that we can all be sure to experience, but the world of cosmetic journalism and celebrity media has recently turned its eye to more contemporary causes of wrinkling.

Thought that you were safe from age whilst you sleep? Think again. Doctors in the skincare universe have speculated that sleeping on the stomach pushes the pillow into the face causing it to stay in an uncomfortable position for many hours at a time. As with other expressions, this adds up and increases the risk of early wrinkles. Similar claims of the more extreme variety target our use of phones, during which we position our necks downwards thus compressing our skin and wearing it out gradually every single day.



Another recent focus regarding wrinkles makes more direct sense – the link to diet. Sugar for example can have a very negative effect on the skin due to the process of glycation in the tissue, something that decreases the overall elasticity of the skin. Piling on the junk food can also increase oil in the skin amongst other things, so keeping an eye on what you eat may just pay off in terms of wrinkle prevention. So if you’re worried about wrinkles and you aren’t quite ready for the operating table then look no further than your everyday routine to consider the role of your own actions in the ageing of your skin.