May 2022

Jet, Laser and Vibration to Bring that Body Back

Dedicating yourself to and obsessing over your weight-loss program should bring you a lot of peace of mind, especially knowing that you are keeping up with what’s right for your physical health. One or two affordable procedures can even be thrown into that program to give you a little reward for all that hard work you’ve put in, too. Here are three top types of liposuction that would accentuate your new-found bod.


The Body-Jet system of liposuction

Water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) involves a flat, fan-shaped water jet stream that detaches fat from its surrounding tissue. This method of liposuction ought to be viewed as gentler and a sensitive approach to separating fat pockets from nearby connective tissue, nerves and even blood vessels. It therefore limits trauma to the surgical area and often accompanies a swift recovery. Some other key benefits include:

What this means is that the surgeon can prepare the most sensitive areas with tumescent fluid, which is a saline, vasoconstricting anesthetic solution that includes Lidocaine and epinephrine, so that he or she will cause less swelling, bleeding and post-op bruising. On top of this, the variable strengths of water flow means that areas of interest can receive a tailored treatment.




Laser liposuction

For those that really dislike the idea of putting your body to the point of a scalpel, laser liposuction targets areas of fatty tissue that weight loss methods just can’t seem to nip in the bud. It generally suits those that have lost a lot of weight already and need that extra touch to sculpt the figure even more. 

For this particular procedure, laser machines have been designed essentially to pop fat cells. After they’ve been perforated, the body’s lymphatic system takes over and flushes out the fat thanks to the fluid that sits between tissue cells, which is called interstitial fluid. This procedure may leave you feeling slightly tired or woozy, but staying hydrated is key to recovery since that interstitial fluid comprises nearly 16% of the weight of the body.[2][3]

Additionally, minimally invasive laser-assisted liposuction functions similarly to the above-mentioned procedure but requires a small incision to remove localized fat in places such as the under chin, arms and inner knees.[4]


Vibrational liposuction

Power assisted liposuction devices have been engineered to perform with a certain number of strokes per minute, and may even accelerate with the help of a power boost options for especially fibrous fat pockets that sit on the back, shoulders or men’s chest. Generally, the range at which we can see devices operating comes in at anywhere between 3,000-6000 strokes per minute.[5] 

Talk about energy!

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