April 2015

Male plastic surgery

Many of us have favorite Hollywood stars that appear to have found the fountain of youth. Granted, many have the monetary means to hire the best nutrition specialists and coaches to look after their bodies. Some of these stars have private chefs who cook top-quality organic meals with local farm-grade ingredients. Fewer pesticides. Fewer toxins. Fewer carcinogens. 

All of these factors explain the reason why some celebrities have kept their appearance largely unchained for the past 20 to 30 years. Doctors, too, influence the end result biochemically by administering specialized substances – supplements, peptides or hormones. None of these, however, can give you such physically solid and quick results as plastic surgery.

Staying fit and healthy by committing to positive behavior patterns is a good decision if you’re still young, as that will delay the ageing process. Nevertheless, if you are not young anymore, it is impossible to reverse the ageing process just by eating healthy and exercising. In the modern and extremely competitive world, we must look our best. An increasing amount of male clients each year utilize the services provided by cosmetic plastic surgery clinics. Men, just like women, are being targeted by marketing campaigns and muscle magazines. These perfect bodies and chiseled faces, to some men look like heroes from the Greek mythology. Of course we want to look that perfect.

The result is a generation of men who are as conscious of their looks as their female counterparts. Plastic surgeons across the world have reported a dramatic rise in requests from men to give them harsher, more aggressive face features. A stronger chin and cheekbones, a more masculine jaw line and ethnic, nontraditional noses are features trending right now amongst men. Male models want to become cover magazine material and middle-aged CEOs of different companies want to look intimidating or younger when attending board meetings or while brokering big deals.

It is true – some of us simply have great genetics and the means to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, even men who are exceptional genetic specimens enlist the services of plastic surgeons. Technological advances provide us with the opportunity of having fast and convenient procedures -the incisions have become smaller and heal faster since the instruments have been reduced in size. Some new procedures don’t require any slicing at all; instead they rely on ultrasound technology to provide the customer with a non-surgical facelift or liposuction.

We must not forget that very few of us have won the genetic lottery. Not everyone can be a natural competitive bodybuilder. Not everyone can be a chess grandmaster. Nonetheless, it is entirely possible to enhance our looks, no matter the motive. Why not use all the tools at our disposal? The results look natural and untreated, especially if performed by an elite team. At our affiliate clinics here, in the Czech Republic, we work with such elite teams, who use the latest technology to deliver the best results our clients wish for.

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